Dead Alliance Xbox 1

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Dead Alliance Xbox 1

Postby BlasteroidAli » May 1st, 2022, 9:27 pm

Maximum games.
They are the pitz publishers. You know when you get one their games they are going to be average but fun finding the faults. Troll and I is another one of their classic titles.

In the recent sale this game was reduced to £3.74.
The promo makes it look excellent. 100 zombies, maybe 1000 zombies on screen at the one time. You can use pheromone bombs to make them attack the enemy players in gorgeous diverse locations. 100s of zombies attack them and kill them. It is such a great idea, like the minions in dungeon keeper. The promo is a lie. When you to game you throw a bomb at the zombies and 1 to 3 turn green and attack the enemies. So the promo video is a total con.
You get the multiplayer and you get the one player. As far as I can see there is not much difference. Also there is some sort of a horde mode, if you can call it where you run from one bubble to a next and try not to get infected. It is has the standards of an FPS. Capture the flag, Team Death Match, Claim and hold territory and Free for all. Initially they are quite good fun. You also get class select. Light, medium and Heavy, which translates to Sniper, Soldier with an Ak47 and the heavy who carries an M60. You get secondary weapons such as pistol plus an unseen knife for melee kills.
You can upgrade your character. You can upgrade your guns. So that they work better. At only 10 hours in I have only upgrades about half of the perks but not started on the weapons.
Graphics are okay, and the sound is nothing to write home about either. If you think Shellshock on the 360. It was a middle of the range game. You have the right idea. What is not so much fun is the limited amount of maps you get. I think it is 6 maps and there has been no more since launch.


I am rather enjoying this middle of the road shooter. With the caveat of the below. You can call in airstrikes which is fun, but that is dropping zombies on the opposing force.

The purpose of this review is to say. The game is only worth a max of 3.74. Then only if you a zombie fan and a die hard one at that.
Rating D

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Re: Dead Alliance Xbox 1

Postby Buttermancan » June 13th, 2022, 12:31 pm

I never really heard of this game. Sounds like it didn't quite live up to it's potential and oversold itself!

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