Shadowgate 64 Trials of the four towers

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hi there

Shadowgate 64 Trials of the four towers

Postby hi there » March 5th, 2007, 10:17 pm

Gameplay 5.5/10

This game plays like those point and click adventures on the PC. You move around a room, investgate things, collect junk, and solve puzzles. And that's all you do. there are no enemies to kill, just slow, boring exploration. The biggest problem lies in the most important part of these games: investgating objects. There's just nothing intresting to look at, ruining this game's one chance at saving itself. I will admit that the books are interesting to read, but people don't play games to read. The puzzles fall flat as well, mainly due to the fact that lots of them lack logic. Unless you are using a walkthrough, there are times when you will be walking around aimlessly, not knowing what to do. I can only reccomend this to point and click fans and those who played Shadowgate on the NES.


Graphics 4/10


The envroments are well rendered, and the lack of visual indicators adds to the graphics. However, the game's graphics are quickly destoryed by the grainy, dark, washed out look each room has. The people have very little animation, and often don't animate at all. Nothing really happens while you move around, making the game look lifeless. The graphics also tend to hide important details, and there's fog everywhere. Even with this, the framerate can never keep up.


Sound 6/10


A mixed bag. Some music tracks are exellent, while others are too quiet and loop endlessly. The sounds are very realstic, and breathe some life into a lifeless game.


Replay 5/10


Its a lengthy quest, but after you finish it, there's nothing to come back to.

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