Minecraft Story Mode: The Complete Adventure (Switch)

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Minecraft Story Mode: The Complete Adventure (Switch)

Postby Jonasbrother » October 22nd, 2023, 2:52 pm

Admittedly, this game was my first experience with the Minecraft series. I may have missed the boat of Minecraft’s peak back in the early 2010’s, but having the rare privilege of finding this game at an affordable price was an excellent experience.

Minecraft:Story mode is a perfect introduction to the series for anyone who doesn’t know or understand how Minecraft works. Unlike the regular Minecraft, which is a first person sandbox game, this game functions relatively linearly. It’s more like watching a movie than it is playing a game. A combination of dragon’s lair and choose your own adventure novels, you will be introduced to new characters and shown the expansive Minecraft world, from the nether, to the end, and everything in between. Action sequences are performed through QuickTime events and the combat sequences are easy and satisfying. You don’t need to know how to play Minecraft to play this game. I was caught off guard by excellent sound design and respectable voice acting; the protagonist of the game is voiced by comedian Patton Oswalt and villain Ivor is notable for also being Paul Reubens, AKA pee-wee Herman. The dialogue cutscenes that play throughout the game give you the ability to make decisions that alter the plot and story, although only some dialogue options and decisions are truly deterministic.

Concepts within Minecraft are explained to the player through clever dialogue and puzzle solving. You’ll make a tnt machine, visit endermen, slay creepers, and battle a deadly wither storm. Even being an adult, the characters in this game are so endearing that by the third chapter or so of the story I was hooked. I found myself falling in love with this world I missed out on and hardly knew anything about. I began to understand the friendship and bonds that are built over such a silly little game. I finally grasped why children and adults love the world of Minecraft. Minecraft:Story Mode is more than a game. It’s an adventure I desperately needed at this point of my life.

Minecraft: Story Mode might be short, and the action sequences can leave you clamouring for more a little too often. One thing, however, is for certain: Minecraft Story Mode has a sense of heart and wonder that I wish more games took example from. Beautifully voiced, well paced, and never scared to be itself, Minecraft:Story Mode challenges us to not only be great leader, but also a great teammate and friend as well. Filled with smiles, gasps, tears, and laughter galore, Minecraft: Story Mode is an adventure worth not missing out on.

My Grade: B+

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