Minecraft Story Mode: Season 2 (Switch)

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Minecraft Story Mode: Season 2 (Switch)

Postby Jonasbrother » December 29th, 2023, 1:58 pm

My grade: B-

Minecraft story mode:season two carries on the spirit and format of the original, but loses some steam along the way. A choose your own adventure game that’s more of a movie than it is a game, you’ll solve puzzles, build structures, fight monsters, and finish a series of QuickTime events to keep the story moving. Our hero, Jesse, is voiced by Patton Oswalt, and Paul Reubens reprises his role of Ivor. Many other characters return, including Lukas (a cool kid who can at times be whiny), Petra (a tomboyish adventurer and love interest for Jesse) , Axel (who reminds me of knuckles the echidna), and Olivia (a nerdy but sweet girl). You will also be joined by newcomers radar (an annoying suck up), Jack (an Indiana jones wannabe) and Nerm (jar jar binks rip off). I personally didn’t care much for the new characters, especially because they seem to replace the original characters instead of being a true addition to the cast. Olivia, axel, and even Ivor are hardly ever seen - can I ask who made THAT decision???

Whereas the original Minecraft Story mode has 8 chapters and finishes its main arc within the first four, season 2 uses 5 larger chapters that are about two hours each as opposed to one. This is a double edged sword: Part one’s plot meanders around after its arc is completed, which is lame, but each chapter of part two will leave you starting to feel exhausted if you want to finish them in a single sitting. For that reason, I’d say it’s a wash between the two.

All 5 chapters follow the same story arc. Your mission is to defeat the evil admin who is running your server tyrannically. Some aspects of the game are vastly improved- boss scenes and combat scenes are much less brain dead, and the game overall is more difficult than the original. Checkpoints are also much more abundant, so the extra challenge isn’t at all frustrating. You’re even given a chance to flex your creativity in the building scenes, which is something part 1 was sorely lacking.

While its storytelling remains compelling, and its ending quite satisfying, I can’t justify giving MSM season two a higher grade or even the same rating as its precursor. Voice acting can make or break a game like this, and Paul Reubens’ absence throughout most of the storyline definitely hampers the experience. As good as it is, it’s also a very short romp with limited replay value. However, if you’ve played the original, these faults probably won’t matter to you all that much. You’ll still laugh, cry, and gasp. The fact that all friendships inevitably flame out and separate is a heart wrenching central theme of the experience, and it’ll make you re-consider making time for those you care about in the real world. All in all, Minecraft Story Mode season Two is a compelling conclusion to the series, even if it lacks some of the star power of its predecessor.

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