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(Xbox 360) NBA 2K7

Postby Lamrock » April 10th, 2007, 2:26 pm

I am a huge NBA fan, so I was pleased when I got this with my 360. Unlike the abysmal Live series, the gameplay is realistic. Although the sliders will need some majors tweaks at the beginning of the game for the best experience, 2K7 offers the best video game B-Ball experience by far.

The graphics and sound are relatively weak. The courts and well-known players look great, but the referees and lesser known players look terrible. The sound is also annoying. The soundtrack is mediocre; a step down from the last game in my opinion. There is in-game commentary, but after 2 games, you've heard it all. While the game is adequate in Sound and Graphics, it loses out to Live somewhat.

The game mode that is used most is the Association Mode, where you control an NBA franchise as the GM, and play or sim the games. Association is done very well, with team chemistry, 3 team trades, real salaries, player development and scouting. You actually feel involved in the game. However, despite the well-done gameplay, this mode gets boring after a few games, and you will find yourself simming game more and more games. Unfortunately, Live beats 2K here also because of its ability to jump into games in the 2nd, 3rd of 4th quarter. Also, the game's simulation engine isn't great and many important rookies are missing.

Online Play is a disappointment. Players can quit 3 quarters into games, and you won't be given the win. It is very rare to play a full online game. Also, the connection is terrible, so it is hard to find a good match. I found myself only playing quick street games, and neglecting the Online feature. There is also a story mode where you enter street games against NBA players. Unfortunately, the story is pathetic, and the gameplay sucks due to unproductive teammates. Despite some major flaws though, 2K7 is the best basketball sim out there. With (mostly) good graphics, many in-depth modes, and unrivaled gameplay, any basketball fan can't go wrong with NBA 2K7.

My grade: B

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