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Call of Duty 2

Postby Johnny » April 10th, 2007, 9:16 pm

Title: Call of Duty 2
Developer: Infinity Ward
Publisher: Activision
Release: November 15th, 2006

Genre: First Person Shooter
Platforms: Xbox 360, PC
Players: 1-8

Story- Call of Duty 2 is just another generic first person shooter that attempts to stand out from the crowd by having a bunch of idiot AI fallow you! You fight in the boots of a Russian, British, and American soldier in this highly unrealistic Second World War sim. This game is just an over rated Medal of Honor clone, and everything this game does good, ive seen it done better in another game!

Graphics- Its games like this that gave the Xbox 360 the reputation of being the Xbox 180. Sure this game is better then current gen systems but really not by much! When I spend 400 dollars on a brand new system i want a game like Oblivion, Splinter Cell Double Agent, and GRAW to show off to my friends and family to drop their draws at the gorgeous views, but instead this game just dissapoints!

Game Play- This is just your average first person shooter with the Halo 2 Health system, restricted gameplay, and mediocre AI. This game compensates its Mediocre AI by throwing thousands of Germans who care little about their own lives or personal safty just so you can shoot them! All the levels are essentially the same, clear the town of so and so and then stop a counter attack and finally meet at the rally point for the squad Bukkake!

Extras- This game really shines with its multiplayer! I shall admit i had fun playing capture the flag online with 7 other people! But here comes another gripe... Servers can only house 8 people MAX! This is supposed to be next gen!? Battlefield 1942 could house 64 players and hell Halo 2 could have 16! How am i supposed to have my own mini world war 2 Battle with only 4 Versus 4! Thats not even a squad battle!

Overall- This game is Over Rated! I could rant for hours and hours about its historical inaccurasies! There are many better World War II First person shooters such as Medal of Honor: Allied Assault and Brothers in Arms! This game is an insult to the first Call of Duty!

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