Star Soldier: Vanishing Earth

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hi there

Star Soldier: Vanishing Earth

Postby hi there » April 10th, 2007, 10:57 pm

Gameplay 7.5/10
To begin this game you select one of three ships but...why even have a choice?
You get a crappy green one, a flawed red one, and a perfect blue one. Always choose blue, its weapon may not spread around the ship, but it moves faster and the weapon causes more damage.
The acual game is your basic, generic space shooter. It has a weapons upgrade system that has a slight relation to Gradius. You start with a pea shooter, and by grabbing yellow "P" blocks, you power it up. There are also EX-arms. These fill the entire screen, but you can only use them three times, and those green "E" blocks are scarce. Each ship has its own unique weapons. If you get hit, you weapon goes down a level, while using a continue takes you back to a pea shooter, and then you're in for a hurting. There's even a "Rolling shield" that can protect you from enemy shots (For about two seconds).
Scoring kicks ass, with huge bonuses and scores beyond the millions.
This game provides the challenge you exepct from this type of game, but the unlimited continues almost ruin the game. Thankfully, the weapons system keeps the challenge intact.

Graphics 5/10
The backrounds are blurry, dark, and uninteresting. The ships look nice, but don't animate very much, and the explosons are lame. The good of it is the fast action and shooth framerate, though.

Sound 5.7/10
The music is nice, and fits the mood, despite being generic techno. There isn't much in the sound department, except for the rather repetive exploson sound.
And then there's the horrid boss music and the muffled voices...

Replay 6/10
Seven levels isn't a lot, but the challenge will keep you playing, and there's even some Special missions that can be unlocked by completing hidden objectives.

Not an average

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