Iridion II

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hi there

Iridion II

Postby hi there » April 15th, 2007, 12:27 am

Gameplay 8/10
Another basic SHMUP. There's yet another upgrade mode where you can upgrade weapons three times, cycle through your five weapons with the L/R button, and upgrade those weapons. There's smart bombs, and another paper-thin storyline involving an alien invasion. But, even with the lack of orignality, this is still one of the best SHMUPS on the GBA. There's still tons of ships, bullets, and scenery to dodge, and the challenge is still there. The one problem i had with this game was the odd rating system. No matter how well you do, you just can't seem to get any higher than a "C" or "D" rating. Still, if you enjoy games with an old-school feel, you will enjoy this game.

Graphics 9.9/10
Huge, beautifully animated ships splashed with color are the highlight of this game. This game is VERY heavy on sprite scaling, both on the ships and the objects you have to dodge. The backrounds are grany, but they scroll smoothly and add even more color to an already colorful game.

Sound 8/10
Varied, somtimes catchy 80's style techno music. Its too bad that the sound effects are bland and flat. The only thing you'll even notice are the exploson sounds.

Replay 8/10
You can beat your high scores, compete in a challenge mode (Beat all bosses on one ship.) And you can even post your high scores online. Yep, it still exists.

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Iridion II

Postby a1 » April 15th, 2007, 1:21 am

Good review, I'm gonna check around for it. In the future could you put the system in the title [i.e. Iridion II (GBA)]?

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