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Re: Sega 32X

Postby MSR1701 » April 10th, 2021, 7:08 am

goldenband wrote:
ThePixelatedGenocide wrote:
MSR1701 wrote:And Darxide, which was sadly passed over for NA release... :-(

I don't know. I usually play the game like 3d Asteroids until I get bored. Is there something more to it?

Cue A User’s Guide to Darxide for the SEGA 32X:

A User’s Guide to Darxide for the SEGA 32X wrote:"The Misconceptions: Despite what everyone on the internet says, Darxide is not just about flying around and blowing up asteroids. This is not just 3D Asteroids with a few enemy fighters thrown in. This is a misconception that seems to stem from the fact that most people cannot get past the first mission, because from the second mission onward the game begins piling on new mission objectives and goals. Destroying all of the asteroids in the area is a persistent goal throughout the game, but they also appear in progressively smaller numbers as other goals begin to take precedence."

Interesting article, thanks for the link!

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