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Alternative Reviews

Postby McTom » December 31st, 2005, 7:21 am

maybe sometimes some 'alternative reviews' are fun to read:

Tomb Raider (Saturn; Eidos 1996) D-
(videogamecritic rated: A [playstation])

I still find it unbelievable how many people actually liked this game when it first came out. Come on, an action-game in which you first need to play a training mode to properly control the character!? And even after that, I still find it almost impossible to navigate through the game. The jumps are almost impracticable to time properly, thanks to the 3D camera which seems to be everywhere except at the spots in which it is needed. The dumb camera combined with the lousy control causes a lot of falling of of platforms and into shafts. Dave said for the PlayStation version that 'some of temples look absolutely magnificent'. Well, I dunno if the Saturn is much different, but to me it looks boring as hell. I found it all gloomy and very gray coloured. The sound is nothing special to write home about either, 'cause there hardly seems to be any. Just of the shooting and Lara walking. Half the time I also lost the way (very similar area's) and I no idea what to do. Tomb Raider is one of those overrated games, which was mainly appreciated for its 'newness.'

NBA Jam Tournament Edition (Saturn; Acclaim 1994) F
(videogamecritic rated: D [playstation])

Unfortunately for me this is the first and only version of NBA Jam I ever played, and man, I really HATE this game. First of all: every time you start the game you've to see all that title blah blah Acclaim-screens. When you've finally managed to get past the mess which is called the "option-screen", you sit there waiting for the game to load. So, before you actually start the game, two minutes or so already passed away. But the worst is still to happen: "playing" the game. The graphics are awful - the players are a pixeled mess, and as Dave said for the PlayStation-version - the court is in way too close, so you've no clue what's going on. With that, the gameplay feels no more than an average Pong-game: I had not the illusion that I really controled the players or had anymore influence than just walking up and down, like being a Pong-bat. The most awful of all however is the sound. I can't stand it how the commentary keeps yelling in a stupid voice, and the sound of the players stomping each other resembles someone is choking at a piece of apple at best (especially when they're out of screen this is very silly). The music is cheesy and irritating after a while. Thanks for this "game" I never want to play a version of NBA Jam in my life again.

happy new year!

sega saturn x

Alternative Reviews

Postby sega saturn x » December 31st, 2005, 2:37 pm

Rigth on with tomb raider, it looks awful and plays worse.

Galagtic attack (saturn) A
Galagtic attack is a finely tuned shooter that shouldn't be missed by fans of the genre.  It's fast and and you can destroy muhc of the detailed enviroments.  It isn't very original but it's still buckets of fun.

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