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Re: Late review- MK1 Genesis

Postby Luigi & Peach » June 18th, 2017, 11:07 am

lynchie137 wrote:
Luigi & Peach wrote:I had this game for the Genesis and utilized both the 3 button and 6 button controller. I only briefly used the 3 button controller because had I not switched controllers my parents may have inquired as to why I was so frequently needing rides to buy new controllers (or why there were so many dents in the wall). Anybody that managed to play this game with a standard controller (with skill) deserves some sort of national recognition (a state holiday comes mind).

The game is definitely playable with the standard 3 button Genesis controller. But I found it a lot easier to execute special moves and fatalities with the 6 button controller. I think the reason why is because the D-Pad on the six button controller was a little smaller and contoured than the standard 3 button controller, which made sweeping your thumb across it to perform certain moves a breeze. With a 6 button controller, I was able to do Sub-Zero's fatality a lot more than I could with the standard 3 button one. Provided I was in the right place on the screen to do so, of course.

I seem to recall having more of an issue with doing a punch when I intended to kick and vice versa using the 3 button controller with the game. It frustrated me to no end. I never had that issue with the 6 button one though. When I lost it wad just because I sucked.

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