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Earthworm Jim 3D (Nintendo 64)

Posted: February 19th, 2006, 1:07 pm
by Bryan

You know, I have a whole 4 pages of (Netscape Composer) video game reviews, sadly, I don't know how to access my site from the intenet... Sad I know but I'm only 14 and with minimal computer 'skills' (CREDIT)

Earthworm Jim (RockStar Games- October, 1999) - B-
This game is cool, yeah. But not worth a big fuss. What made me like this game, the weirdness. I love that in a game, in fact a level in this game consists of chickens that you need to shoot or they throw eggs at you, and you have to help a war legend find his lucky underwear... The bosses are enough to give you night-mares, one boss is an extremely fat man who wants to eat and blow missile at you. Did I mention your surfing on a pig while your fighting him? See? Weird. There's really not much to say about this game, it's fine, but don't look on EBAY for it, just wait until your crazy aunt sends it to you.
Rating- E (Everyone)
Players- 1-4