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All Star Baseball 2000/NFL Blitz 2000/WWF Warzone/WWF WrestleMania

Postby Bryan » February 21st, 2006, 8:14 pm

Sorry there sloppy, I was previewing the website and when you copy/paste from the preiview of it, it comes out like this. I'm updating it tonight so you can get a taste of it, I've added 6 games!



Baseball All Star 2000 (Acclaim Sports- April 1999) - C+
                          Look, I'm just not the guy who likes baseball games (Real life or video games). Now, any game where the batter-up
 makes his butt go out at least a whole foot is a bad one in my book, but that's just me. The multi-player is fun on one occasion. And that is those 5
 seconds of fun when your on the out-feild and trying to find the ball (Which always hits hard). Again, repetitiveness takes it's toll on this game. And
 also, when I'm up to bat, I would appreciate if the giant menu/numbers/map of the feild weren't interupting my swing! Honestly, do we really need a
 map of a baseball diamond? Maybe if a bunh of 3 year olds were playing, but batting and pitching are to hard for little kids too. I don't know what
 they were thinking...


Only fun on multi-player in the
                                Choppy graphics
                                Not fun
                                The batter sticks his butt much to
                                far out, not needed
                                Very repetitive

 Rating- E (Everyone)
 Players- 1-4


NFL Blitz 2000 (Midway- August 1999) - D+
                          Ug... Not very good, I didn't enjoy my time with this game, in fact, it was a displeasure. I wanted to throw it out.
 Okay, okay, I admit it, it was only the graphics. But really, you'd think a game made in 1999 would be better with that stuff... The multi-player mode
 is pretty fun, but I'd rather just play some hockey. There's a lot of options, and working your way through to the final match is fun. But also at the
 same time boring and I dont like that in any game, no sir-ree! But all in all this game is a mediocre experience. Not really worth a lot of anyones
 time really. But sure, if you like football, this is a game for you.

 Fun multi-player
                                Bad graphics
 Lot's of options
                                Boring, and somewhat reptitive
 Winning a game is satisfying
                                Just a mediocre experience

 Rating- E (Everyone)
 Players- 1-4


WWF War Zone (Acclaim Sports- August, 1998) - C-
                          This game is pretty good, not worth my time really, but pretty good. The 'Stun' feature is pretty cool, and the health
 bar is good (Much better than the second game). The graphics are also strangley better than the second. Lots of options, and the multi-player is fun
 too! I didn't think it resembeled the show as much as the second... It's really hard to make a game that has more than 3 in the series, so I admire
 Acclaim for trying. Over-all there actually pretty good! I think this is a good game for a lot of people, just not if you get bored with doing the same
 thing over and over. Uh-oh, another negative... This game does indeed get a little repetitive. But, like I stated before, it's a good game.

 A health bar
                                Didn't resemble the show very
 A 'Stun' feature, a plus in my book
                                Kind of repetitive
 Nicely made, good graphics
 Cool, multi-player

 Rating- T (Teen)
 Players- 1-4
 WWF WrestleMania 2000 (THQ- November 1999) - B-
                          Look, I'm just not one for a wrestling game... But I must admit, this game does have a lot of good qualities! First, It's
 cool that you have so many options. When your choosing your round, you choose character, opponet, and even what belt you want to play for. But
 actually a bad characteristic of this game is the 'health meter', it's actually an attitude meter, sad. When in the world can a man survive getting
 slapped in the face 400 times, getting thrown out of the ring 20 times, and getting close-lined every two seconds? Hardly anyone, right? But lets
 keep it positive, a cool thing is when your about to knock out your opponet, a nother guy comes from the curtain and attacks you too! Just like the
 show, pretty cool! And a funny quality in this game is the signs that the people in the stands are holding up! There pretty good, lot's of humor and
 profoun language. Neet!

 Lot's of options
                                No resonable way to tell when your
                                even close to knocking him out (No
                                health bar)
 It's like the show, really cool
 The people in the backround have
 funny signs

 Rating- T (Teen)
 Players- 1-4

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