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Posted: May 3rd, 2009, 3:00 pm
by Alienblue

I WASN'T going to review this, thinking the games on it must just be simple kid stuff. Surprise! While kids WILL enjoy the characters, a few of the games are quite good! While I would not pay more than $10 for this (I got it for two bucks), at that price it provides some decent fun for awhile.

Great! Finally a SIMPLE Golf game that non-golfers can actually play and get a PAR (or a birdie...a duck birdie! )! No wind, choice of clubs or anything but a power gauge. There are roughs, sand traps and water holes but if you experiment you'll figure out the right way to play. GREAT overhead graphics!

LION KING game one (Simba) B+
This is a good falling fruit game that is simply put, PUYO PUYO!
If you like these Tetris type games this is fun for awhile. You'll be getting combos right away, and fine graphics!

LION KING game two (TIMON) F
I forget the Warthogs name but anyway this is a dull maze game in which you, Timon simply must guide the brute over water with a cursor.The graphics are the WORST and its no fun.

Alladin C-
Great 16 bit graphics, but this is just a VERY cut down version
of the great Genesis/SNES game. 5 short levels,too easy, but it may satisfy YOUNG kids.

THIS GAME ALONE IS WORTH TEN BUX! This is a fine 16-Bit side scrolling platform IS short but you must guide Stitch through five very big caverns, hopping on frogs and bats for rides, to gather all of Lilo's photos. This is like a combination of a simple 2600 pitfall type game with 16-bit graphics and sound. I was amazed at how HARD this sucker was, even on level one! TOO hard for kids but great even for serious gamers!

So, again, if I had known what was on this thing...AND THANKS TO ME NOW YOU DO!...I would have gladly paid up to $10 for it loose just for Lilo and Stitch, with the Golf and Puyo-Puyo type games nice little bonuses! This was a pleasent surprise!

Keep checking your Goodwill! I know I WillGood!