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Postby ALIENBLUE1 » May 21st, 2009, 4:56 pm


We all know most small, handheld, black and white LCD games are meant to occupy little kids for an hour or two at most; the limited play on most of these means they are much more fun to COLLECT..which I do...then play.

So I had to report on this one, because it IS fun to play!

Once again the Alien SCORES at Goodwill....and with games too!
(Two cute ladies there but lets keep this on games..); actually I got a 5 gallon aquarium, 8 books, 2 CDS and several sets of batteries for a little over ten bucks! This game was blister carded, brand new and only 99 cents!

I vowed to keep the game mintonccard, but luckily the controls are open so you can test play the game. The game case looks like a portable MP3 player, very cute. But the GAME was actually fun to play! You have a cross control and two buttons for jump and tricks. You must guide your skaterboy downhill on a street while jumping or avoiding: manholes, dogs, birds, kids throwing rocks, and barriers..thats a lot for a tiny screen! Points increase if you can do a trick when you jump. 3 hits, you're out. The graphics are quite clear and crisp, though as usual sounds are just a musical ditty followed by "BLIP!"(jump) "DRRRR!"(miss).
Still, this is as good as many early 2600 games..better actually if you consider graphics. I reccomend this for anyone interested in a fun ,tiny LCD game.

Other games shown on the back include Hang gliding and Climbing
which look fun, and Fighting and other sports which do not.

Cool collectible grade: A
Actual fun grade: C+

If you see it cheap, BUY IT! And let me know if you find the others and how good they are!

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