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Postby Alienblue » April 4th, 2006, 5:29 am

BOSTON... I know YOU were not calling me a "fanboy", I just wanted to jump in there right away before other people really DID call me that! I don't know why I feel rubbed the wrong way with that word, maybe I just don't like the "F" word or I don't like being pigeonholed...look, it's like-I buy a lot of "cartoon strip collection" books. right? Just by chance, MOST of these are published by UNIVERSAL PRESS. So? Does that make me a Universal Press fanboy? No, because I'm not buying the darn book because it's by THEM, I'm buying it because it's a collection of my fave comic strips! Same with games...ok, so Tetris DS and Rub Rabbits are for the DS (though RR is not by Nintendo)...just 'cause the games I want fit in my DS slot doesn't me I love EVERYTHING "N"!

Zen...of course we know it is in jest; I think it also compensates for your sometimes depressed state by joking a bit-I say that only because I do the same thing. Inwardly I feel bad about myself, like I am a burden to others, so outwardly I say "Yeah, super handsome international playboy, that's me!"... I guess we all must laugh or cry..if u don't agree, WAHHH! ).:



Postby Alienblue » April 16th, 2006, 7:25 am

...Just for the record I'm cutting the grade of Rub Rabbits to


...While this is NOT a terrible game or anything, it has two major flaws (that yes, yes, YES were pointed out by "see-all" ZEN!)...first it is MEGA frustrating, much more so then FEEL THE MAGIC. In FTM you got two games at once and could skip one; indeed you could skip several-so long as you kept the "heart" meter filled up to 100% you advanced. THAT was one of the best features of FTM, and you'd THINK they would carry it over here, but since they were lazy and REPEATED many of the games, you just get ONE "hot button" that allows you to skip ONE game-then you are on your own, so better save it as long as you can (truth is you are ALWAYS afraid to use your one chance!-even if they had given you just THREE it would have helped!). And, while I don't find the games themselves as bad as ZEN , I think, did, I must admit that stuff like tossing a DISC to the girl on a pong-field and playing ROCK/PAPER/SCISSORS against the other dudes is boring and doesn't stack up to games like GOLDFISH or BULL in FTM!

End of rant. If you are a huge FTM fan and still insist on getting the Rub Rabbits, it's okay, but try not to pay more than $20 for it. There are too many GREAT Ds games (TETRIS DS, the NEW SUPER MARIO*, METROID PINBALL) coming out right now!

*No, haven't played it yet but we KNOW this'll be a million seller!



Postby voorhiessa » May 11th, 2006, 5:17 pm

ummm...I don't know how to say this without sounding inappropriate, but I saw a demo for a DS game that was played with a rabbit on the screen that became happy (and began to fly) when you rubbed or petted it on the touch screen.


Sounds harmless, but the purpose of this game was to uh, teach, people how to 'enjoy themselves'.  I lost the website, but I promise it's true.


Anyway, the title threw me off...I thought this went into production!!

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