dualshock 3 review/rant

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brent strong

dualshock 3 review/rant

Postby brent strong » August 25th, 2009, 8:51 pm

dual-shock-3-snap1.jpgDualsock 3 review/rant
For christmas 2008 i got a ps3. I love it.today i will review the ps3 dualshock 3. Originally,the sixaxis controller was universally marred by gamers due to being to light and lacking rumble.My ps3 came with a dualshock 3. I love it. I have just a few complaints.I have 2 controllers. I ever drop them and I take good care of them. And yet, my first controller l2 is sticky. The second one ,both the analog sticks are slow. overall it is a good controller, but very fragile.


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