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Ninjatown (DS)

Postby David » October 13th, 2009, 9:04 pm

Priced at twenty dollars and based off a stuffed toy line, it would be easy to dismiss Ninjatown.  However, there is a surprisingly fun game buried underneath its cute exterior.  As a tower defense game it is very simple, but also a lot of fun.

The story is pretty humorous - in this city named Ninjatown, naturally inhabited by Ninjas, a group of bad guys are trying to steal their cookie recipe with the intent of making cookies injected with evil syrup and spreading them across the land.  I absolutely loved the light hearted story, which contained really funny dialogue.  The characters (some of which include an incompetent mayor who inadvertently foils the Ol' Master Ninja's plans, a monster who happens to be friends with the dark syrup, and the panicky business ninjas among others) are hilarious and I laughed out loud numerous times.

Of course the story wouldn't mean much without a solid game underneath it, and fortunately it has one.  I haven't played a whole lot of tower defense games, but this one was very easy to get into.  It ramps up slowly in complexity, introducing different ninja types every few episodes.  There is some strategy involved, but the game keeps everything pretty simple most the time.  Each ninja has strengths and weaknesses (air or land attacks, speed, power, HP), but the game's pretty forgiving in terms of which ninjas are used.  This ends up being sort of a negative, as the game isn't too challenging, but I didn't mind because it was so entertaining.

The game is also fairly short, but it does promote repeated plays by grading you after each stage.  Again, it's pretty easy to get A's, but there were a few that were pretty difficult.  The game also does a good job of being a game that can be played in short bursts, with each stage taking about ten to fifteen minutes to complete.

I'm really happy that I purchased the game, and is a great deal at twenty dollars.  I wasn't really into the tower defense genre before playing this, but regardless I still thoroughly enjoyed myself (as if you couldn't tell).  It may not be perfect, but I'd still recommend to fellow DS owners.

Grade: B+

Very good game...don't be fooled by its cuddly exterior.

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