Battle Monsters for Sega Saturn

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lowtech redneck

Battle Monsters for Sega Saturn

Postby lowtech redneck » November 7th, 2009, 7:18 pm

I bought this expecting an infamously bad one-on-one fighting game (every review except one by Dave Halverson at Gamefan gave this game very very low scores back in the day) I could have fun screwing around with while intoxicated.  To my surprise, I've discovered that I actually really enjoy the game on its own (flawed) merits. 

The fighting engine (despite occasionally problematic control that is-mostly-compensated with extremely easy moves) is quite fun, with LOTS of variety and large, multi-layered, interactive backgrounds.  The digitalized graphics are a mixed-bag, with scaling fighters that generally look good while still or when close together but are increasingly blurry the faster the action becomes or the farther away the fighters get from each other.  The campy horror/monster movie theme and character designs, however, are just great (the extremely jerky animation actually hieghtens this effect), and includes Medusai, one-eyed shape-shifting behemoths, Undead half-dragons, and winged demonic vulture-men in addition to more human characters such as a magician (my personal favorite) and a barbarian.  The music (kind of a gothic chanting) and sound  doesn't detract from the game, but doesn't really add much to it either.

I highly reccomend that fans of old horror and monster movies (or Mortal Kombat and Darkstalkers) pick this up as a strangely addictive "casual" fighter if they can get it cheap (which should be the case).  Despite my subjective love and cautious reccomendation of this game, however, I cannot in good conscience give it a higher overall score than a generous C+ due to its objective short-comings.

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