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Postby Alienblue » January 22nd, 2010, 8:09 am


If I reviewed this already I apoligize, but my Mem...whatcha
callit is going.

This is pretty much the ONLY NES shooter I play, and I have LIFE FORCE, GYRUSS and ZANAC-All better games.

I recall buying this when it came out and feeling cheated out of
$34.98! The graphics are mixed; detailed but there is very little
colour...LOTS and LOTS of greys! Tanks, chopper, cars, train,
train tracks, big guns, all grey! The water looks very nice though, and the few green builing/road scenes give a break. But the top of the screen is full of flickering GARBAGE! Very poor scrolling here, very choppery.

It is also UNFAIR! Often tanks pile up, up to 8 at once and shoot
the SECOND they appear, often Diagonaly. Luckily you have a "SHEILD" of sorts. You get two destroyer bombs per copter but these are very weak....drop one and SHOTS dissapear but the enemies do not! So I save them; if the tanks hit the BOMB and not the copter you are safe. There are a few "bosses" but they appear mid level. The game just keeps going though you do get breaks every 6 minutes or so; you land and get 5000 points for each bomb and little Heli....oh yes, hit crosses when GREEN-extra bomb (no more than two tho); GREY-a little helicopter joins you and shoots FORWARD; red the lil Heli shoots to the side. Like XEVIOUS there is no real ending, it just repeats after a point.

The music just drones ON AND ON man! Its good but gets old very fast...it changes only when you grab a little heli. Play with the sound OFF!

So why do I like this so much? Hidden stuff! Like SMB, lots of hidden stuff....first thing you'll find is an oil tank; hit it like 30 times before it scrolls off, it flashes "10,000"! You can shoot EVERYTHING, including houses and parked cars.

And I still haven't figured it all out but doing certain things brings out hidden characters...a TRAIN, COAL CARTS, and mostly
a CAR. Now I know on the Beach scene the car comes out only if you fly LEFT and shoot a GREY CROSS. But I've seen these buggies
at least 4 other places and am not sure how I did it!

So I keep playing for the HELI of it! This is a FUN game that just proves SOUND AND GRAPHICS are not everything!

P.S. This may be my last review. If so, I want to thank you all
for putting up with me.


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