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Postby Alienblue » August 11th, 2011, 12:57 pm

VINDICATORS / coin-op ,emulation / A+

I was fairly hard on the PS2 MIDWAY TREASURES volume one because it only had around five games not previously released on PSX. But the VINDICATORS emulation is worth the price of this disc alone.

I recall trying the coin-op......anyone remember the "Free T-shirt" contest it had when it came out (around um, 1987 I think?)? The controls made it too hard to get into......real tank controls for forward, reverse, and rotation.

On the PS2 this has been mapped to the control pad so control, unlike in Spy Hunter, works like a charm. This game is basically SUPER TANK, for one or two players. You must clear over three dozen different areas by shooting ememy tanks, turrents, force fields, saucers.......the game keeps throwing new enemies at you. Like Gauntlet you must gather colour coded keys to open red or blue doors, pick up stars to buy weapons upgrades, fuel canistars, and more.

This game is deceptively simple but EXTREMELY addictive and as stated the emulation is PERFECT (I dont get why some games on here are emulated to perfection and others, like Satans Hollow, barely work). If you enjoy maze/shooting games like Berzerk and Gauntlet you will play this for HOURS. Get the PS2 Midway volume one disc or a good emulated PC version, though, because the one and only home port I know of is the weak NES cart, which has tiny graphics and pea shooter sounds.


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