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Postby Alienblue » August 17th, 2011, 2:07 pm

RAMPAGE / Atari 7800 / C-

After enjoying Rampage:World Tour on the PS2 Midway 2 disc, I tried this old 7800 game again and was not amused.

Sorry, but Rampage was a great coin-op that just does not make it at home. Its only fun in VERY SMALL DOSES. Dese and dosey doeses. This cart has most of the features of the original coin-op, although you only get two monsters to select, not three-poor Ralph the giant wolf gets no love. But the 7800 graphics are VERY nice, with detailed buildings and scenery and all the bonus items.....although here you need a magnifying glass to see what they are......is that red blob a fruit or a toilet? And without the cute little details it loses too much humour. The monsters expressions and grunts and roars are just not here anymore. The sound and music is typical 7800 blip-beeps.

Rampage just goes on and on and on. A hundred cities? Who cares after the third one? This is NOT a fault of the 7800, the coin-op was only fun to play for brief periods. Put in a quarter, trash three cities, die and go play GAUNTLET. It just was not worth $30 to play it non-stop at home. Not all coin-ops need to be turned into home carts. A 7800 APB or XYBOTS would have made more sense. ARGGGGHHHHHH!

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