Star Raiders/2600

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Star Raiders/2600

Postby Alienblue » September 4th, 2011, 1:06 pm

STAR RAIDERS / Atari 2600 / F

I'm sorry, but this game is the video definition of OVERKILL. This thing cost $39.95 at retail in 1982, came in a box half the size of the 2600 itself, and included a "new" TOUCH PAD control, "soon to be used in many other games", yeah right. Unless you count the fact that the touchpad was just a soft rubber version of the old KEYBOARD Controller, and can be used with old keyboard games and Childrens games (which are supposed to require the huge blue kids controller, which again is just a giant keyboard control). The best thing in the box was volume one of the ATARI FORCE comic book.

The original STAR RAIDERS computer game is a fossil relic from 1978. Why they went to the trouble to update it for the 2600 is WAY beyond me. Compared to STARMASTER and STAR VOYAGER and PHASER PATROL, this game is WEAK.......hell even M networks SPACE ATTACK is more fun. You must fly a ship through totally black space, shooting tie fighter sprites and docking with white blobs......oops I mean starbases. Most of the gameplay occurs on a map and.......look, this game to me is like an Algebra test. Some guys actually LIKE math......if you are into deep, thoughtfull strategy.....then why the HELL own an Atari 2600!? It was never made for this type of game which was best left on computers. And I gotta add the graphics will make you think the switch is set to black and white, they are so spartan!

If you must fly a 2600, save your hard work for STARMASTER. RAIDERS OF THE LOST WELL OF IDEAS here is one of the most over rated, over hyped, over priced 2600 dogs of all time. No sir I don't like it!


Star Raiders/2600

Postby astrosmasher » September 10th, 2011, 2:59 pm

I think you should give it an E... its an admirable failure and you do get that stupid keyboard thing to laugh at...

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