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TAC SCAN /2600

Postby Alienblue » September 20th, 2011, 1:03 pm

TAC SCAN / 2600 / C

Some people LOVE this game, I know, but I just don't get it! The basic idea IS cool....you use the paddle controllers, always a plus, and you control FIVE SHIPS AT ONCE.....making you a bigger target but with extreme firepower!!!!!!! I do like that.

The problem is THERE IS ONLY ONE ENEMY....a big fat U shaped ship that floats downward firing lasers, overandoverandoverandover......can you say repetitive? The levels do change background colors and some ships glow , indicating bonus targets. The graphics are terrible, again, fat U's, little triangles, and a bunch of dots do not make an interesting outer space scene. The sounds are annoying, DA DA DAZAP,DA DA DAZAP, DA DA DAZAPPPPP!

By the way, in case you thought, as I did, that your copy of TAC SCAN is broken, it uses the LEFT paddle in the SECOND controller port, I guess so that you could leave the paddles in without interfering with your joystick games. One more GOOD IDEA that looked better on paper...... I've never played the TAC SCAN coin-op but it MUST be better than this!

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TAC SCAN /2600

Postby Leo1 » September 20th, 2011, 4:20 pm

I pretty much disagree 100%.

I think the game is well programmed with smooth scrolling, colorful and sharp graphics (I think your ships and the enemy ships look just fine, although I won't argue that some variety in types of enemies would've been nice), and good audio. It uses the paddle controller to good effect to replicate the arcade experience as much as possible. It's just a shame that they couldn't do the tunnel sequences from the arcade game. But if you've ever seen it in action, you'd understand that you can hardly fault these programmers for not including that feature on the 2600. 

And it's hardly repetitive, especially by 2600 game standards (What's so repetitive about this compared to most any other 2600 game?). The game quickly gets challenging and the enemies change up such as switching to double shots in the second area and with all the colors changing with each stage.

And you didn't even bother to mention that you lose individual ships and periodically go through a replinishment stage where you recieve reinforcements and can assign their position within your squadron. Really changes up how the game plays depending on how many ships you have in your squadron. You can go from being aggressive one moment to just struggling to keep your last ship or two intact until reinforcements arrive.

And it provides an opportunity for some strategy. When you have a depleted squadron and recieve a replacement or two, do you try to spread them out in the rear for the widest coverage, or keep them closer together to provide the enemy with a smaller target and give you more room to maneuver?

Fun game to revisit on occasion with lots of replay value. And it's unlike anything else in the library. They did a good job trying to bring home the arcade experience. And in some ways, I prefer it over the arcade game. It's no River Raid, but it's better than most of the library and is one of the few unique efforts available on the system for the paddle controllers (Most of the paddle games involve catching or deflecting something, and sometimes both in the case of Warlords).

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