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Postby Astrosmasher1 » October 11th, 2011, 6:09 pm

This was another one the titles I bought back in 1982/83 in Glasgow.  It looked so good.  Tron like graphics and the real promise of a great game.  You have to escape from a sinking submarine.  Yeah how can you mess up a game with such a great idea?  Ask Data Age.

First thing you get is quite a good picture of a submarine with fishes moving past.  Then you get the one screen which you play on.  You are an unmoving sprite the looks a bit like a person face on.  Really it is dire.  So anyway you move this sprite one way collect a key and open a door.  There is a 10 second time limit.  If you do not do it in time you see a picture of the ship sinking.  Get used to that screen as you will see it a lot.  When you get to the top that is it.  Game over you won.  So they game only takes a minute. The sounds are blip and blop and nothing else.

This could easily be the worst game ever released for the 2600.

F for 1982/3

F for 2011

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