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iPad Reviews (Angry Birds and Dungeon Hunter 2)

Postby The Mad Blogger » October 20th, 2011, 2:29 pm

Angry Birds
Rating: C

In Angry Birds, you control a flock of multi-colored birds that try to retrieve eggs taken by a group of evil green pigs. So far, so good? Now, on  each level, the pigs are sheltered by structures made of various materials such as wood, ice, and stone.

You mission, should you choose to accept it, is to eliminate all the pigs in the level. How do you do this? Well, by using a slingshot, you launch the birds with the intent of either hitting the pigs directly or damaging the structures, causing them to collapse and kill the pigs.

You do this for level after level after level. Yes, you can use other objects, such as explosive crates and rocks, to destroy hard-to-reach pigs. However, after a while, the game gets boring. After the sadistic feeling of hurting birds, who you can now see why they are angry, the repetitive gameplay wears thin.

Dungeon Hunter 2
Rating: C+

Dungeon Hunter is a hack-and-slash action-role playing video game, set in a fantasy universe. Three character classes: mage, rogue, and warrior – are playable, with the game taking place over 30 levels in environments including dungeons, forests, and villages.

If this game looks familiar, as if you have seen it before, well, you have. This is a clone of Diablo and Diablo II Lord of Destruction (LOD), only not as good. Also, if a game is released years later, should it not be at least as good as its predecessor? I think so. If you are looking for a much better game, try Diablo or Diablo II LOD.

The other problem I have with this game is the iPad virtual joystick. It is clumsy and often unresponsive. For games such as these, a real joystick would be better. This has been implemented in the Atari for iPad package set. It should be implemented here, as well.

So, Dungeon Hunter 2 is not a bad game; it is simply not a very good one. For the next version, some originality would result in a higher rating.

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