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Rogue54 (or Original Rogue Version 5.4)

Posted: October 26th, 2011, 7:01 pm
by Hardcore_Sadism1

Rogue, in its simplicity, is this right here. 

No music, no characters with a bio, no ambiance, and a bleached-bare-bones story.

The only graphics being an ASCII interpretation of both inanimate and living, white on black, and narrative dialog. In purely my opinion the best way to play Rogue. Sure there are multiple visuals at your disposal but unlike modern RPG's, a generic Rogue version such as this definitely puts gameplay first. This is not remotely an opinion, but R54 (Code Speak for the game being reviewed) literally pits you against unpredictable odds. Being a simpler computer game, no journey is ever familiar. Native coding makes each level completely different, so anyone born in the "new age" of PC gaming will likely lose hair from frustration. Basic: Must need a sense of humor and patience. Without both you will hate everything and the world. In terms of difficulty, even less predictable. A rare nuisance with randomizing enemies, objects, and strength can guarantee rage quitting. Humbled players such as myself had learned to be one with the "perma death". We might be well past this dinosaur but it's a beloved one at that. Still kicking the butts of even Board-Gamers.