WWE Raw 2 for X-Box Review

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WWE Raw 2 for X-Box Review

Postby themetalmessiah » October 30th, 2011, 6:05 am

First off I wanna state I am a Huge wrestling fan and I myself am a professional wrestler which is why I usually play Wrestling games exclusively lol. Now here is my review of WWE Raw 2 for the X-Box

This game came out at a time when the Smackdown series was burning up the screens on the Playstation 2 and I thoroughly enjoyed those games. So when I got Raw 2 I was assuming that this game would be at least on par if not better because of the X-box's capabilities. BOY was I WRONG!!! LOL

first of all the match types available are bare bones compared to the Smackdown titles you got Singles,Tag,3 way,4 way Hardcore,Cage,Hell in a Cell, and Royal Rumbles Available. 

The graphics are big and Shiny but really unrealistic at times. They gave Ric Flair a six pack on the game lol which is freakin hilarious considering he was in his 50's at the time lol. The arenas looked nice as do the sets and backstage areas, which is a plus

There is a Season mode on here but really it sucks lol it's basically random match pairings with no real storylines at all. The randomness should seem like fun but really it's just rediculous  lol I once seen in the results that Terri Runnels who is a little over 5 feet tall and a little over 100 pounds beat Brock Lesnar for the WWE title lol. You control 1 superstar of your choosing it can be a WWE superstar of Diva or one of your created wrestlers. in between matches you can select multiple options to perform such as rest or set a trap,call out another wrestler,Encourage,Attack all which includes cut scenes but the chances of performing any of these acts successfully is really low it's pretty much a crap shoot adding to the frustration.

The Roster is a bright spot IMO All of the WWE mainstays of the time are there including The Rock,Stone Cold Steve Austin,HHH,The Undertaker,Kane,Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit,Eddie Guerrero,Kevin Nash Goldberg,Ric Flair and even a young John Cena,Batista,and Randy Orton(Before they became mega stars) and even funner for me a close personal friend of mine Tommy Dreamer is in the game

The audio in the game is sort of EHH I mean it's cool that you can use Custom Music for Entrances not only for your Created wrestlers but you can set it for the WWE wrestlers on the game but outside of that it's nothing to get excited about.Ther is no commentary on the game which is pretty stupid IMO considering there is Commentary in the Smackdown games. There is audio from the Referee but it's just rediculous sounding. 

The Gameplay itself also sucks and very finicky Poor collision detection and the control scheme is maddening at times. for instance you have to use the D-Pad to walk but the left thumbstick to run which can get confusing at times. Performing attacks like running clotheslines or dropkicks is a pain in the rear too because of the poor collision detection and you will more often than not miss your target completely. 

Hell In A Cell matches are really frustrating mainly because they make it such a pain to exit the cell you have to have your oppoent just right and break the side out with him to get out where as in other games you just leave through the door lol. 

Royal Rumbles are also frustrating cause while it is relatively easy to eliminate opponents it also means you will suffer tons of cheap eliminations in the process lol. 

Using weapons just doesn't feel as natural as it should. it feels unwieldy at times. 

The computer AI itself also is very questionable most of the time they are as smart as someone who has taken 100 chair shots to the skull lol. It is way too easy to outsmart them and get a cheap victory for instance in a regular Singles match you just throw them out of the ring and fight till the count of 8 then run back in that they usually dont' even bother to try to get in before 10 lol. 

Now on to Customization now this has high and low points the High Points are you can actually choose between many call names for your wrestler and the Announcer will actually say them during your entrance which is something I haven't seen before or since in a WWE game. You can also make your own Titantron Video for you wrestler which also really cool to do the options there are limited but you can add custom text to it and make it unique. And my favorite part is you can use Custom music for the theme song For Instance when I created myself I was able to use my real entrance theme For Whom The Bell Tolls by Metallica. Other than that the rest of the Custom Wrestler stuff is pretty standard for a WWE title. 

Well that's pretty much it for this review This game has very few redeeming qualities and overall is one of the WORST wrestling games out there even for Hardcore wrestling fanatics like myself this game just sucks lol 

my final grade on Raw 2 for the X-box is a D

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