Final Fight Guy (Super Nintendo Entertainment System)

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Mr.Robert S.

Final Fight Guy (Super Nintendo Entertainment System)

Postby Mr.Robert S. » December 1st, 2011, 3:23 pm

The main problem with the first Final Fight on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System was the fact that it only had two measly characters!!!
Was it that hard for them to add all three? And the worst part is they scrapped the best character, Guy! In 1994 they released this new cartridge in order to make up for it, with sharper graphics, slightly altered sounds, and faster action. Did they make up for it at all, HELL NO!!! This version, even with the addition of Guy didn't impress me one bit. Because it still only has two [explecitive] characters!!!  Was it all that hard to add all three? Even if it would do so, couldn't they have done something to expand the memory of the cartridge, like vitura racer on the Sega Genesis Video Game System?
I remember having so much fun with this game in the arcades, and then the Sega CD Video Game System version of Final Fight came out, and was very faithful to the original arcade game. Heck even the Game Boy Advance Portable Video Game System version had all three characters.
And the hit detection seems pretty suspicious sometimes, heck one time I threw a punch at one enemy, missed him and hit an enemy on the other side of the [explecitive] screen! The commodore 64 versions are more faithful to the arcade game, although less playable.
Being a proud owner of a genuine Final Fight arcade cabinet, this is just ridiculous! It feels like an apology, and if that's what it's supposed to be, apology NOT accepted! Cap com, you just found a way for Super Nintendo Entertainment System owners to envy Sega CD Video Game System owners.
As good ol' cousin S.Q once said "It just seems to be a cash grab on Cap coms' part"!

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Final Fight Guy (Super Nintendo Entertainment System)

Postby Oltobaz1 » December 1st, 2011, 4:43 pm

Another issue, they removed the two player feature, in both versions,
but were eventually able to implement it in games like Final Fight 2 & 3.
There's also one level missing altogether...
Still, when this came out, I couldn't believe how close this was to the arcade
game, in the graphics department. This game was the best looking arcade brawler at the time, and, as one of the first Super Famicom games, this really looked impressive. This actually looked so good you could sort of overlook its
flaws, as dramatic as they were, I totally bought in the explanation they gave us
at the time, like there was only so much they could achieve with a tiny 8 MB cartridge. And, yes, Final Fight Guy is pretty much a farce. Still, while I find the
Mega Cd and GBA versions vastly superior, they came out years later. At the time the SNES game out, Mega Drive owners were pretty envious themselves, up until Streets of Rage came out at least. And, when the awesome Mega CD
game came out, Final Fight had already lost some of its luster, due to the Street
Fighter 2 craze. A shame really, considering how brawlers are fun, and this is still one of the best.


Final Fight Guy (Super Nintendo Entertainment System)

Postby Stephen » December 1st, 2011, 7:37 pm

Robert, once again you rub in everyones face that you have a final fight cabinet, ugh. I think they could have expanded the memory as well, and also maybe have lock on technology? Wait, sega copyrighted that. Ugh. It's still fun to play with guy though, but I'd only give it a B-, but the arcade would get an A.

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