Shellshock 2

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Shellshock 2

Postby Astrosmasher1 » December 18th, 2011, 11:45 pm

Shell shock 2.


This game is by rebellion software.  They did the awesome AVP on the jag so they have a good pedigree.  Also they did a pretty good judge dredd game on the xbox/ps2/Cube.


You are a vietnam was hero and the commies are attacking.  You have to duff them up so the US of A can once again rule supreme.  After a couple of levels killing the commies they turn into zombies and so begins a grim battle for survival. 


That sounds good.  Its is a FPS and I love them.  So why is this game such a pile of old trash.  Well first off the graphics are well below par.  If this had been a PS2 game it would have been average but as a 360 it looks old hat.  Also added to the fact this is an on the rails FPS.  You go the way they want you to go and there is not much room for deviation. 


Also watch out for the insumountable obsticles.  You can survive years of war but when you are a vietnam vet you cannot walk over blades of grass. 


I was running a bit short of cash and I wanted something to play.  I bought this and regreted it.  F

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