Assorted CV protos

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Assorted CV protos

Postby Alienblue » June 25th, 2006, 2:43 pm

As I mentioned on the recent feedback forum, when I got into collecting Colecovision games in the mid 80's I got ahold of some Prototype games, never released. Since I've never seen these reviewed anywhere I thought I'd correct that:

(All games are complete unless noted)

THE FALL GUY , 20th Century Fox B-
This game is pretty much IDENTICAL to THE DUKES OF HAZZARD Dave just reviewed except: no boss hogg, just police cars that chase you if you go over 55. This is a pretty good driving game with smooth scrolling. Courses appear random. Occasionaly a yellow building will appear and you must guide the "Fall Guy" up to the top of the building (or down to the bottom) by summersaulting barriers and moving from level to level. The driving screens have smooth frame rates here and crashes just show a cracked window.

Another 20th century fox game, this one is quite borning. As a rooster you must protect the hens Eggs from foxes, hawks and snakes, Very boring and NO SOUND. The only plus is the pretty graphics, featuring a waterwheel, barnyard and rustic scenery.

Video Hustler (Konami) A+
I LOVE this game! Much better then the coin-op it is based on, which I found on MAME. Only six balls but brilliant physics, cool trick shots and authentic sound...if you like Pool you should hunt this one down! Far, FAR better then most early pool games , I'll never figure out why Konami did not release this!

This game was to be the last of the Coleco Adam computer "super- games" and is brilliant! Like the cartridge, a first person shooter over water where you fire at saucers and ships in a 3-D like enviornment. Only here, they really seem to be comin' AT you! F-16 jets fly off aircraft carriers, bonus targets appear and a giant underwater mechanical OCTOPUS threatens at the end! Fantastic sound and graphics, but bugs unfortunately bring the grade down a bit. Often the program will simply stop, and occasionaly, you cannot "unpause" it. Too bad!

Super Cabbage Patch Kids (Coleco) C+
Mixed, here....the game features better sound, animation and more obstacles than the cartridge but I prefer the colorful backgrounds and more realistic "enemy bee" sprites from the cart. Some buggy-ness here too (occasional graphic glitches) so they obviously were not quite finished.

Hope you CV owners enjoyed!

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