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Afterburner climax on xbl

Posted: January 1st, 2012, 12:01 pm
by Astrosmasher1
Its always the same VGC decides to do a piece on a game from the past and I think.... yeah, I loved that game.  I bought AB on the megadrive/genesis and loved it.  I played AB in the arcades and loved it.  I bought AB on Sega Saturn (Sega Ages) and loved it.  So when sega put out their new improved arcade title on XBL I was first in the queue for the demo.  I did not like it that much.  It was rather hard.

Then I noticed that it was half price on xbl.  For a mere 400 msp I could own a game that was inspired by the legendary AB.  So I thought yeah.

This is afterburner with improved graphics and best of all you can play it with the AB2 soundtrack.  There is also a rudimentary stage select.  What the demo did not let on is when you play it for a while it lets you customise the game so it becomes easier the more you play it.  So if like me you wanted to do something for new year but did not want to rock and roll all night.  This game is perfect for you.  It is well worth 400msp.  I give it an A+ for that price.

If it was 800 msp I would mark it down a bit as its a short lived experience.

Afterburner climax on xbl

Posted: January 2nd, 2012, 3:01 pm
by VideoGameCritic
Yeah I recently picked this up and I was impressed as hell!  It plays like the old Afterburners (for better or worse) but the graphics are amazing.  I'll try to post a review soon.