2013/8/30: Sega 32X: Corpse Killer (CD), Primal Rage

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2013/8/30: Sega 32X: Corpse Killer (CD), Primal Rage

Postby goldenband1 » September 1st, 2013, 11:14 am

[QUOTE=videogamecritic]Thank you for posting this!  I didn't realize I was missing 3 US release reviews - I actually own these games, so yes, the reviews will be forthcoming.  Good to know about the other ones too.[/QUOTE]

Great, very glad to help! I'd imagine it'll feel pretty satisfying to have reviewed 100% of a system's US library. [biggrin]

BTW DarXide is worth checking out, if only because there's nothing else quite like it in the 32X library. It's got nice visuals, but the gameplay has been described as being little more than 3D Asteroids. I haven't played it enough to form a judgment, myself. It's quite easy to edit the ROM to get it to work on a NTSC machine, you only have to change one hex value!

Finally, there's a little bit of homebrew around. Pretty much all of it comes from a programmer whose username is Chilly Willy, and his work is impressive. He's completed a port of Wolfenstein 3D and a port of Rick Dangerous for the Amiga, and a re-do of Doom in the works. If in the future you get nostalgic for Sega's mushroom and want more games to review, that's where I'd start. [smile]

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