2016/12/20: Playstation 4: Atari Flashback Classics Vol. 1, Atari Flashback Classics Vol. 2

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Re: 2016/12/20: Playstation 4: Atari Flashback Classics Vol. 1, Atari Flashback Classics Vol. 2

Postby Teej » March 29th, 2018, 5:21 pm

Atariboy wrote:Atari Flashback Classics Volume 3 releases digitally and at retail later this week for PS4/XB1 (And I assume PC?). A Switch version potentially is in the works as well, although AtGames hasn't yet clarified their intentions there.

Here's the game lineup:

    Adventure II (2600)
    Air Raiders (2600)
    Aquaventure (2600)
    Armor Ambush (2600)
    Asteroids (5200)
    Astroblast (2600)
    Atari Baseball (Arcade)
    Atari Basketball (Arcade)
    Atari Football (Arcade)
    Atari Soccer (Arcade)
    Avalanche (Arcade)
    Canyon Bomber (Arcade)
    Centipede (5200)
    Countermeasure (5200)
    Dark Cavern (2600)
    Destroyer (Arcade)
    Dominos (Arcade)
    Final Legacy (5200)
    Fire Truck / Smokey Joe (Arcade)
    Frog Pond (2600)
    Frogs and Flies (2600)
    Holey Moley (2600)
    International Soccer (2600)
    Maze Invaders (Arcade)
    Micro-gammon (5200)
    Millipede (5200)
    Miniature Golf (5200)
    Missile Command (5200)
    Monte Carlo (Arcade)
    MotoRodeo (2600)
    Pool Shark (Arcade)
    Realsports Baseball (5200)
    Realsports Basketball (5200)
    Realsports Football (5200)
    Realsports Tennis (5200)
    Realsports Volleyball (5200)
    Saboteur (2600)
    Sea Battle 2600)
    Sky Diver (2600)
    Space Attack (2600)
    Star Raiders (5200)
    Star Strike (2600)
    Super Breakout (5200)
    Super Bug (Arcade)
    Super Challenge Baseball (2600)
    Super Challenge Football (2600)
    Sword Fight (2600)
    Wizard (2600)
    Xari Arena (5200)
    Yars' Return (2600)

Of the 13 arcade games featured here, 11 are b&w classics from the 1970's. The exceptions are Maze Invaders (A 1981 Atari arcade title that never was officially released) and 1980's Monte Carlo.

It also sees the addition of long last of another Atari console, but I feel it's especially nice to see Atari's black & white arcade heritage finally get some significant coverage in a compilation. Past the early vector games and a simulation of Pong, it has been almost completely ignored. The earlier pair of volumes from 2016 featured one of the Sprint games, which was the first b&w raster Atari arcade game to be emulated in a commercial compilation.

The lack of arcade Night Driver though seems like a big omission. And none of the tank games made the cut, although I'm unsure if any of those are microprocessor based and thus emulateable. But otherwise, I feel they did pretty good at covering this era of Atari's arcade history for the latter half of the 1970's, between the early discrete logic releases like Pong for the first 4-5 years or so of Atari's history and the shift to color in 1980.

And the non-licensed 5200 lineup is almost all here. Just missing the two Meebzork prototypes (Both are different, but fully playable) and the unfinished Tempest prototype that the original programmer successfully brought to completion 5 years ago or so. Would've been especially nice to see AtGames/Atari get his work secured to bring 5200 Tempest out in finished form in an official manner, and for Cafeman's excellent Adventure II homebrew to have been included for the 5200.

I understand why they shy away from random homebrews since they lack name recognition to help sell the collection, but Adventure fans would've gotten a kick out of discovering the unofficial 5200 sequel. It already has a sort of unofficial "official" status, since the name was used with Atari's permission a decade ago or so (And his maps were used for the basis of the 2600 counterpart created for the Flashback 2, which is included here).

Thanks for the update on the game list. Very interesting! But I'm not seeing it listed at any of the major retailers for release in the foreseeable future. Where did you see it was dropping this week?

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Re: 2016/12/20: Playstation 4: Atari Flashback Classics Vol. 1, Atari Flashback Classics Vol. 2

Postby Atariboy » March 29th, 2018, 10:04 pm

The Playstation Store announced it was releasing this week, but they've since retracted it.

https://blog.us.playstation.com/2018/03 ... 3-27-2018/

The AtGames rep at AtariAge looked into it and says that AtGames is still aiming for a 4th quarter launch, so it will be a while yet (I wonder what made Sony jump the gun, why the trophy list appeared weeks ago, and the full game list was released this week if it's still months away?).

http://atariage.com/forums/topic/253262 ... ?p=3996157

It does explain why no retailers have it up for preorder though.

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