2018/4/7: Nintendo Switch: Axiom Verge

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Re: 2018/4/7: Nintendo Switch: Axiom Verge

Postby Stalvern » April 25th, 2018, 2:42 pm

Paul Campbell wrote:I'm sure there are A+ rated games on the site, rare as they are, that he didn't give as much praise to, that still held their perfect score in spite of some lone flaw.

Hmm. You have a point.

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Re: 2018/4/7: Nintendo Switch: Axiom Verge

Postby ESauce » April 27th, 2018, 4:41 pm

It also seems like he’s knocking the game for a hardware problem. If the game gets an A+ with the pro controller I say it deserves an A+. Doom is pretty awful to play with the joycons but a lot of fun with a controller. I wouldn’t give it a C because the joycons are uncomfortable. I’d give it an A because the game is great when played with a good controller.

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Re: 2018/4/7: Nintendo Switch: Axiom Verge

Postby velcrozombie » May 22nd, 2019, 10:46 am

Got the game for PS4 recently off of Ebay (thought I was getting the Multiverse Edition, but it was one of an enormous lot of games and the seller must of just put a stock image up without realizing that he was selling the regular edition) and it's good. Feels like a B/B+ after 90 minutes (12% of the map), but it could see it getting a higher grade in the end. Love the dirty, granulated look of the ruins and the large bosses. Just picked up the weapon that corrupts/decorrupts and it seems like fun to mess around with. At this point I wouldn't put it in Hollow Knight's league - it's a very well-made indie variation of Super Metroid but it doesn't feel enough like its own thing quite yet. I can see how some people would prefer it to Hollow Knight, though - it certainly gets you into the action right away and has a real sense of urgency and it feels more classically "retro" than HK.

Retro STrife wrote:Since you liked Axiom Verge, I highly recommend Shadow Complex, which came out around 2009 and was my favorite indie game ever. I call it a cross between Metroid and Uncharted. There was a remastered version released on current-gen consoles, and it even got a physical release through Limited Run Games. Check it out:

Yes, PLEASE play Shadow Complex one day. It was the first XBLA game that made me realize the potential of the platform. Unfortunately the price of a physical copy on the PS4 (all other versions are digital) is on the expensive side - cheapest I see on Ebay is in the $55-60 range.

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