2019/2/20: Playstation 4: Soul Calibur VI

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Re: 2019/2/20: Playstation 4: Soul Calibur VI

Postby VicViper » January 3rd, 2020, 4:54 pm

The D- is almost incomprehensible to me.

The single player aspect is amongst the richest of the entire series, frankly the complaints about the "Primary mission mode" could be applied to the mission battle/weapon master modes from Soul Blade to Soul Calibur II; that's a feature tons of fans wanted back believe it or not, and based on how it worked in these other titles, I fail to see how it disappoints or is inferior in Soul Calibur VI. Heck if anything Libra of Souls makes more sense in the writing department since unlike Soul Calibur I (and II IIRC) you don't have awkward moments where they describe specific characters in the text that are gonna fight you, like Sophitia, while you're playing as... Sophitia. I think only Soul Calibur III could be considered to have a stronger single player component, and that's only if you're into the SRPG elements of Chronicles of the Sword.

"Models look good by PS3 standards"?! What? While this is a budget game (because Soul Calibur V underperformed), everything looks miles better and cleaner than Soul Calibur IV & V, IV in particular had appalling lipsyncing during story sequences and blank facial expressions during battles & victory animations, plus the lighting was pushed to ridiculous degrees in some environments, and yet this was considered beautiful at the time. Soul Calibur VI doesn't look "amazing" for PS4 unlike IV was for 2008, but it looks like a good PS4 game.

Even disregarding all of that, the core gameplay is perfected and it reintroduced gameplay elements that were lacking or unnecessarily tweaked in Soul Calibur V, like guard impacts that were changed for the worst in V. Competitive players actually prefer this game over any game of the series that came after Soul Calibur II. When a site as purist as Fightersgeneration.com rates the game better than over half of the series when accounting the context of the time period, and even states "I can tell you that SC6 is just as good (dare I say better, in some ways) as my beloved SC2", when Soul Calibur II was rated a 9.9/10 on that very site, you know the game is mechanically near perfect. Yes, in many ways it's safe, but it's not a bad thing to be if you perfect everything within the model.

I get that complaint about the Arcade mode (though not really cause best out of two rounds always felt way too short), although having one unified ruleset makes more sense than the way the previous games did, where you could literally choose the amount of battles to go through. A guy that would put best out of one round instead of two to five is guaranteed to do better than the others, and the games never could tell the difference.

This game is easily the best of the series since at least Soul Calibur III, maybe even since Soul Calibur II. Really the biggest thing against that game is the number of stages available at launch.

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