2020/5/31: Atari 2600: Basketball, Final Approach, X Mission (Europe)

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Re: 2020/5/31: Atari 2600: Basketball, Final Approach, X Mission (Europe)

Postby goldenband » June 3rd, 2020, 2:34 pm

VideoGameCritic wrote:If you guys could point me to the ones most worthy of reviewing, that might save me a lot of time and effort.

If you're looking for unique versions of games, the ROM Hunter collection (to which I sent you a link) uses a tilde character, ~, to mark the "original" version of a game. Sometimes that doesn't work for a game that was only released in PAL/50Hz, so you'll need to turn to an alternative source for those.

Or, are you asking for which games are good/interesting enough to get reviewed? Hey, that's what we come to you for! :D More seriously, I've only played a fraction of the remaining NTSC and PAL games that haven't been reviewed yet, and I'm hesitant to "vouch" for any of them. On the NTSC front, though, here's a very rough overview:

Air Raid, Birthday Mania, Extra Terrestrials, Gamma-Attack, Red Sea Crossing - all interesting because they're so ridiculously rare, and they should be reviewed; Air Raid and Gamma-Attack are pretty trashy, but I seem to remember that Red Sea Crossing actually had something resembling decent gameplay

Assault, Great Escape, Wall Defender, Z-Tack - all games from the company Bomb, generally viewed as trash but I found Assault to have interesting gameplay, so I'm personally curious about the others -- I would enjoy seeing you review the publisher's full set

Kung-Fu Master, Universal Chaos - arcade ports you haven't reviewed yet; UC is interesting because it's the only home port of the arcade game Targ, albeit with a name change

Stunt Man (aka Nightmare), Time Warp - these are mainly around as PAL games; Time Warp is interesting, as I mentioned in an earlier post, and I seem to remember Nightmare as ambitious but utterly unsuccessful

Shuttle Orbiter - exactly the kind of cerebral, high-learning-curve game you tend to hate, so I'd love to see you review it :D

MagiCard, Video Life - not really a game, but sort of interesting, and the creator of The Game of Life died recently

Beat 'Em & Eat 'Em, Burning Desire, Gigolo, Knight on the Town, X-Man - the remaining "adult" games. Of these Knight on the Town has pretty decent gameplay, but you'll probably have to pixelate your screenshot since the titular knight sports a giant...sword. (Still smaller than the one sported by the Sneak 'n Peek guy, though!) Gigolo is kind of like a dirty version of Blue Print. If you've reviewed Custer's Revenge and Bachelor Party, maybe it's worth looking at these.

Berenstain Bears, Big Bird's Egg Catch, Cookie Monster Munch, Eli's Ladder, Music Machine, Oscar's Trash Race, Smurfs Save the Day - all of these are educational in varying degrees, and the BB and Smurfs games use a cassette tape as part of the game (I think it's on YouTube?); Eli's Ladder is ridiculously rare

Cakewalk, Challenge, Cosmic Corridor, Dice Puzzle, Gauntlet, Glib, Master Builder, Motocross Racer, Obelix, Off Your Rocker, Out of Control, Sea Monster, Stone Age, Video Jogger, Video Reflex, Wall Ball - I don't know much about any of these, though I think Motocross Racer and Obelix have some reasonable gameplay; note that Gauntlet is not the arcade game, and Cosmic Corridor (which is supposedly decent) is aka Space Tunnel

Immies & Aggies, Inca Gold, A Mysterious Thief, Pizza Chef, Save the Whales, Spinning Fireball - all had a very marginal NTSC release, I haven't really played any of them

As for the PAL games, I just don't have the greatest handle on them yet. Certainly the group I mentioned -- Donald Duck's Speedboat, Time Warp, Mr. Postman, and Parachute -- is a place to start.

Ghostbusters II, Klax, Wing War, and Fatal Run all surely deserve coverage, as PAL-only releases from major publishers that were released very late in the console's life.

Snail Against Squirrel has a charming title, don't remember if the gameplay is any good; same with Surfer's Paradise But Danger Below! -- what a title!

Forest is absolute trash but it's at least memorable, since you're playing a woodchopping bastard trying to ruin the lives of forest animals. Acid Drop is a trashy Columns wanna-be but it's practically unique on the system (homebrews aside). I don't remember if My Golf is any good but at least it's not yet another simple shooter.

Also be aware of two games with titles identical or similar to NTSC releases: Steeplechase by Video Gems is not the same game as Steeplechase from Sears, and Motocross from Suntek is not the same as Motocross Racer from Xonox. I kind of liked Suntek's Motocross, actually.

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Re: 2020/5/31: Atari 2600: Basketball, Final Approach, X Mission (Europe)

Postby goldenband » June 3rd, 2020, 4:51 pm

I checked out Stone Age just now, and it turns out to be a Pengo clone with incredibly irritating music and stiff gameplay. That said, the core mechanic was still kind of addictive.

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