2020/7/31: Nintendo Switch: River City Girls

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2020/7/31: Nintendo Switch: River City Girls

Postby VideoGameCritic » July 31st, 2020, 5:08 pm

Check out my review of this stylish new beat-em-up for the Switch. Comments please!

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Re: 2020/7/31: Nintendo Switch: River City Girls

Postby crimefighter » July 31st, 2020, 6:04 pm

Actually River City Girls is part of the Kunio-kun series, which includes Renegade, River City Ransom, River City Tokyo Rumble, Super Dodge Ball, the Gameboy version of Double Dragon 2 - the games were Americanized but if you look at the Japanese versions the main characters and some of the bosses from River City Girls come from those games.

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Re: 2020/7/31: Nintendo Switch: River City Girls

Postby ThePixelatedGenocide » August 10th, 2020, 4:08 am

Good call on the rating, even if the mandatory stealth mission and some vague "What am I supposed to do now?" direction kept it from scoring an A for me.

Beyond all that, this is the first brawler that gave me sympathy pains. The animation really sells the 8-bit physics in a way that just wasn't possible on the NES. And the difficulty hits that sweet spot of making you regret every mistake, while still making you look forward to unleashing hell on your enemies.

Anyone passing this up because of the other recent games in the series is really missing out.

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