2020/10/31: Playstation: NCAA Football 99

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Re: 2020/10/31: Playstation: NCAA Football 99

Postby Retro STrife » November 3rd, 2020, 12:55 am

Breaker wrote:Is there another video game franchise that has lasted as long as Madden while being named for someone who's no longer active in said field? Madden hasn't even been an announcer since 2008. There are a dozen games out since he retired. Why is his name still being used? I'm 41, and I barely remember Madden as a coach.

There's practically a generation of video game players that have never even heard John Madden call a football game on TV. I've never thought about this until tonight, but now that I have it seems really weird.

That's a good point you make there at the end! There's probably a bunch of 15 year old kids buying Madden every year wondering "what the heck is a Madden?"

Madden's coaching career was before my time, so my memories of him were as the best color commentator in the 90s. But like you pointed out, he hasn't called a game in forever. He doesn't even call the games in the video games anymore! And he's been out of the public eye for a long time. So his personal value is probably about zilch these days. Yet, the word Madden has become so synonymous with EA's brand that it is now the word "madden" that holds value rather than the name "Madden". So I don't see them changing the title anytime soon, because it's so valuable to their brand and marketing.

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Re: 2020/10/31: Playstation: NCAA Football 99

Postby jon » November 3rd, 2020, 8:20 pm

Gameday ‘98 was the last pro football game I played until NFL 2k5. Then the only one after was All Pro 2k8, when Sega tried a game without the license. The game sucked.

A lot of those early sports games like Gameday ‘98 just imo don’t have much replay value. A game like that or for instance NBA Live ‘97, after a week or 2 you start going undefeated and it just gets boring. That’s one reason why Tennis for Gameboy stays fresh to me, it’s still hard to not lose points. That’s why it’s cool to have modes that are good like the home run derby for Triple Play ‘98.

It was around the time of the release of NCAA ‘99 that I noticed in 1998 that the only computer football and baseball games on shelves was Triple Play and Madden. That caught me a little off guard like EA is having that kind of dominance despite not having nearly in depth career modes like the Front Sports games for example.

This was 1998, and the same time it was basically if you play video games you have to have a PS1. Let’s not pretend that the N64 was doing anything to keep pace. I didn’t like the load times and graphics so I had nothing to like that generation. But, this is when I started noticing EA taking charge. It might be that in the late ‘90’s Madden was outselling Gameday by a lot.

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