2022/8/20: NES: Skull & Crossbones, Battletoads/Double Dragon

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Re: 2022/8/20: NES: Skull & Crossbones, Battletoads/Double Dragon

Postby Paul Campbell » August 31st, 2022, 11:02 am

Alucard1191 wrote:I love the battletoads games for the style, sound, etc.... but they're just too hard for me. I've invested some actual time into the original and this one, and I just can't get far into them. I'm lucky if I get past the turbo tunnel on the original and the 2nd level on this one. I play some hard games, I beat Megaman 1 without the pause trick recently for example. But these? I can't even make a dent in them.

As for Skull and Crossbones, I was watching a youtuber who reviewed it recently and gave it an F. (I think it was John Riggs?) It's interesting to see the differences in opinions on games from people. One person's A is another's F.

Don't feel too bad about that. The turbo tunnel is probably the hardest single stage in the NES.

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