2007/12/20: Atari 2600: Medieval Mayhem, Star Fire

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2007/12/20: Atari 2600: Medieval Mayhem, Star Fire

Postby andrew » December 21st, 2007, 6:25 pm

Sweet, recognition from the actual developers. The site is really strong and becoming more popular each day. Medieval Mayhem looks like so much fun. I few years ago my brother and I couldn't stop playing warlords. That game will get me right back into it because really, warlords and this superior sequel has got to be top 3 in multiplayer goodness. Man why did I sell my atari redux psx cd, why?

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2007/12/20: Atari 2600: Medieval Mayhem, Star Fire

Postby Sudz1 » December 23rd, 2007, 8:39 am

Darrell -
We've always been fond of the original Warlords and have played it MANY times; yours now seems to be the definitive version, and I suspect that yours will be the version we'll be turning to for any future Warlords mayhem.  Congratulations on a job very well done!!!
p.s. - We all really liked the Knight that comes out with the flag after each round - nice touch!

Darrell Spice, Jr.

2007/12/20: Atari 2600: Medieval Mayhem, Star Fire

Postby Darrell Spice, Jr. » December 23rd, 2007, 12:21 pm

Thanks Sudz!

It's been used in 2 tournaments that I know of, one in France for [URL=http://mleguludec.free.fr/ac2007/photo.htm]AC 2007[/URL], and the other at the at the Tempe and Phoenix Arizona campuses of Collins College for their 2600 game tournament. I've not found anything online about that one though.

The knight was a last minute suggestion by David Vazquez, who also did the dragon and king graphics as well as the label and manual. He posted a flash based mockup of it with the dragon chasing the knight off the screen and everybody fell in love with it. It took a bit to make it work, but was well worth the effort.

When we were playing at my parents, my mom made the winner get up and dance to the music while their knight marched across the screen

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2007/12/20: Atari 2600: Medieval Mayhem, Star Fire

Postby VideoGameCritic » December 23rd, 2007, 12:28 pm

[QUOTE=thrust26]First: Thanks Critic for reviewing more 2600 homebrews (got a Kroko Cart?). This is really supporting us homebrewers.


I do not have a Kroko Cart, unfortunately.  I buy games from Atari Age, but not very often.  So if a homebrewer would like me to review his work, I suggest he makes arrangements to send me a review copy (as many have done in the past).

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Re: 2007/12/20: Atari 2600: Medieval Mayhem, Star Fire

Postby SpiceWare » March 31st, 2019, 7:35 pm

Adam Savage's Tested built an arcade game that was introduced at California Extreme last year. They did a seven part series on the build, though it's behind a paywall. They recently posting the first part on YouTube, don't know if they rest will follow or if it's a teaser to get you to subscribe.

Anyway, the reason for this necrobump is in part one they playtest Warlords and Medieval Mayhem on a 2600, then discuss plans for their game, which ends up being called Starlords and is a 6 player version of Warlords.


I also found a couple videos of it in action at California Extreme, looks pretty slick. Wonder if that's a Wyrmhole ;) that launchs the balls.



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