Online video game stores closing.

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Online video game stores closing.

Postby Jascott72 » April 12th, 2024, 12:01 pm

The Wii, WiiU, 3DS, and PS3 stores have shut down. Soon the Xbox 360 store will shut down as well. And yet before these stores closed down one would think they might have some kind of final sale or discount, but nope. This baffles me because it seems like a missed opportunity to make some quick cash before the online stores close down. What do you guys think?

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Re: Online video game stores closing.

Postby DeGave » April 15th, 2024, 8:27 pm

I hate how these stores close at all. It feels like something could be done to keep them going indefinitely in some other form. Steam and GOG are still letting you download games that you bought in 2005. I get that keeping the purchases secure costs something, but surely there is some way that the Playstation/Xbox/Nintendo apps, or the website, could let you pay for old games and then transfer them to your old hardware. Keep the transactions and stuff on an updated app or website, and just let the code you get in an email or something get you the game. I can't imagine that having anyone who buys an old 360 still be able to pay $40 for a new copy of Halo or Assassins Creed 2 is unappealing financially. Certainly, the eternal end-of-life for the Xbox One/PS4 and Switch are demonstrating that perhaps people have been willing to hang on to older hardware and older games a lot longer than manufacturers have believed.

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Re: Online video game stores closing.

Postby Retro STrife » April 15th, 2024, 8:56 pm

Many years ago, while these digital stores were still new, I wrote of my huge concern about game preservation after these stores inevitably closed. Games would be lost forever. It seemed like a crazy thought to some at the time, but it is now the obvious reality.

The WiiWare store was the first digital store that I remember closing down. I spent hours upon hours, and hundreds of dollars, researching and acquiring the Wii’s best digital games before they were lost to time. I’ve realized now that the effort is futile and a waste of money, so I haven’t done it with other systems since then. But it still bothers me to think that we may lose certain games forever.

It also is the greatest threat to our hobby of retro gaming. Nostalgia is a powerful force — I have no doubt that, 20 years from now, a new generation of retro gamers will be collecting Switch and PS5 games. But the inability to collect games, if physical media goes away on future consoles, is the one threat that could overcome that nostalgia. You can't collect something that doesn't exist.

This is one area where Xbox deserves more credit. Yes, they have led the charge toward digital-only gaming. But they also are the most retro friendly. Today, my digital games from the Xbox 360 still work on my Series X. And my physical media from the OG Xbox still plays on it too. Nintendo and Sony are doing nothing close to this.

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