VR Pioneer Going Backwards to Create Gameboy Homage Console

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VR Pioneer Going Backwards to Create Gameboy Homage Console

Postby Crummylion » June 19th, 2024, 5:48 pm

Money does a lot of things to people and gives them the right to go ludicrous. With the money that Notch and Elon Musk have, they can pretty much do whatever they want. However, in a powermove, the creator of the Occulus, Palmer Luckey, is going out of his way to create a Gameboy successor. Suppose to be much like the Analogue Pocket in that it runs on FPGA and has both old and modern qualities of life such as rechargeable batteries, 3.5 mm headphone output and backwards compatibility with link cables. While the console will be backwards compatible with GB and GBC, what sets it apart are the games made exclusive for it. The games will be sold on the website, physical, and each comes with manuals. Something tells me the Critic would love to add this console to his collection. A lot of the games will be both original and licensed games, such as Toki Tori and Tetris, which the latter will be bundled with. This seems like a passion project as Luckey said he won't be making it forever and will try to make it as long as he can.

https://www.theverge.com/2024/6/3/24170 ... lease-date

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Re: VR Pioneer Going Backwards to Create Gameboy Homage Console

Postby DX_Receiver » June 20th, 2024, 5:22 pm

This looks pretty cool! I appreciate the fact that the system is designed to solely play GB and GBC games instead of being a jack of all trades. I have a few modded GBs of my own, but they do require some maintenance and babying.

It looks like the games they're selling will work on the GB/GBC if the store listings are accurate. If it works on a FPGA GB/GBC system, then I'd assume they'd work on original hardware.

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