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Reader Vote Stats Pane

Postby ptdebate1 » January 31st, 2015, 1:37 pm


Yeah I think this is caused by a number of factors.  First, people tend to vote for their favorite games.  Also, I think the industry has fostered the notion of inflated grades.  People think an F game should be unplayable, and I disagree.  I think there should be an even number of "A" and "F" grades for a given system.  

Obviously I give a LOT more F's than most people.  I think we live in a politically correct age where nobody can get their feelings hurt.  Heck, you can be labelled "bully" just for saying something someone else doesn't agree with!  A lot of magazines I read just give out A's and B's to just about everything.  Personally I'd rather be a little less politically correct and more honest.

One new feature I'm thinking about is providing a "breakdown graph" of the grades for each game, so you get a visual representation of how the grades were distributed.

As always, suggestions are welcome.


I for one love the fact that you give bad games the reviews they deserve. I disagree about a handful of titles--Ecco on Dreamcast, Dragon's Crown, and Smash for example--but there are loads of games out there that get better reviews than they deserve. It's frustrating most of all because it's misleading to consumers, the very audience game journalism is supposed to help.

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