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Rate the site!

Postby Bobbobato1 » April 6th, 2015, 10:24 am

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Let's put it this way; about eleven years ago I was idly browsing the web when I encountered this site and flicked through a few reviews for the 2600. I never returned then, and frankly didn't even remember what it was called, but the site still left a big impression on me. I even remembered a few reviews - enough to find the site again a few weeks ago by Googling key words.

The sites main appeal to me is that it really allows you to quickly get a sense of the different consoles and their games. I use emulators but have never owned a console, have barely even used them in fact, so its often difficult to choose which game to play on a classic emulator when faced with lists of hundreds of ROMs that mean nothing to me. The site's organization makes it very easy to just skim through game reviews and find titles that you might find interesting.
But even beyond that, it's really enjoyable to read even for games and systems I know I will never play, for the educational value, and also because its pleasurable to just get a sense of how the industry has evolved over the past few decades. The insightful and idiosyncratic reviews gives you a personal taste to the games a more objective style wouldn't offer. It frankly doesn't matter to me whether I agree with them ir not, as an adult I know what criteria matter to me when judging media. But that doesn't take away from their value coming from a highly experienced gamer,
The site's minimalism and simplicity makes it very easy to switch between pages and makes for easy load times. as the owner of a first generation iPad this is really appreciated - most modern sites cause my browser to crash unless I stop it from loading and render very glitchily. I've never had that problem here.

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Re: Rate the site!

Postby Rev » April 7th, 2015, 7:38 pm

Despite the plain look, I like the new forum. I like how the posts automatically end up on the site (hopefully that stays). I think once you get it full running it'll be really cool. Do you have plans to now tie reader votes to the registration?

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