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Whats the point of video game fanboyisms?

Posted: November 16th, 2013, 10:18 pm
by Edward1
It seems  most video game websites are loaded with annoying fanboy types.  Just cruising around video game websites for a couple of minutes I found these "insightful" comments.  These are not fake comments, they are real and some have thumbs up. Keep in mind, it didn't take long to find these comments, because they are everywhere.

"another fail for the brickstation bore"

"blah blah blahhhh shaddaaaaaaap
BF4 diarrheas ALL over any call of duty."


'wiiU a console for Hardcore gamers'


This type of stuff is all over the internet.  You can find it for any game, system, publisher, etc. I just don't understand why people feel the need to hate on people over video games like this online.  I don't understand this type of "fanboyism."  I understand being a huge fan of a game. I even understand criticizing games and systems you don't like.  But I just don't get the point of this aggressive nonsense I see all over the place.

I am glad this nonsense for the most part doesn't make it to this website. However, its all over the internet. Its on nearly every gaming website.  People insulting people, or feeling superior, because of their choice of games, systems, favorite developer, etc.  I never see this in real life.  My friends like different games than me. I hate realistic racers, and one of my friends love the Gran Turismo.  That doesn't mean I say "LOL Gran Turismo is for Losers. You suck. Real men play [insert game here.]"  That's because its just games. We have different opinions and can be rational about it.

But so many people online seem to not get it. Theres no point in this nonsense. There are good and bad games on each system. Also different people have different opinions, but that doesn't mean that they are bad people. Its just video games!  Are these people making these comments all over the internet little kids?  Maybe they can't afford all the games, so they have to insult the one they can't to make themselves feel better?  It would make me weep for the planet if these are grown men making these stupid comments.  But I have a feeling that many of these comments are made by adults. Why? What's the point? What are your guys thoughts on these annoying fanboys all over the internet?

Whats the point of video game fanboyisms?

Posted: November 16th, 2013, 10:58 pm
by velcrozombie1
I hate garbage like that. That's a large part of why I don't read the
comments under most video game articles or Youtube videos - every
time I do, I feel like my IQ has dropped 20 points. I can understand
feeling passionate about something and trying to express it to someone
else - I used to argue about movies and music pretty intensely with
people, especially before I turned 20 - but I never had the anonymity
of the Internet to hide behind, or the type-first-think-later style of
communication that you see in these comment sections to twist my
words into something uglier and nastier than they already were.

I do remember getting a Sega Genesis when I was 11 (mainly because it
was the system both of my cousins had) and feeling the need to argue
for it's superiority, though - after all, it was one of the few possessions
I had, and to admit that it was somehow inferior to the SNES would have
been a blow to my ego - but never remember saying anything close to
some of the comments I've seen on the Internet. It's nice to have places
like this forum and Gameological, where the commenters can be thoughtful
and generally treat each other with respect.

Today I have (in addition to a bunch of older systems) a 360, a PS3 and
a Wii. The 360 is the closest to a default system that I have, but I've
found plenty of good exclusives for both the PS3 and the Wii. I just don't
care enough to argue about the respective systems anymore, and instead
I just enjoy them all for the unique games and features that they each offer.

Whats the point of video game fanboyisms?

Posted: November 16th, 2013, 11:56 pm
by Rev1
I really don't understand the point of fanboyism but I think it gives people with low self worth a way to belittle other people and feel better in the process. It really doesn't matter what you like, there will always be people who act idiotic to feel better about themselves.

Whats the point of video game fanboyisms?

Posted: November 17th, 2013, 12:22 am
by darkrage61

I agree, it gets so annoying reading the millionth post about how PCs are superior to consoles. I think all the next gen systems have some interesting looking games and i'm not going to insult someone who prefers a Wii U or PS4 over an Xbox One.

It's not just with games either, you see it all the time on forums like IMDB with movies and TV shows as well. It seems like anyone who dosen't like Oscar nominated/winning films or Emmy nominated/winning TV shows gets mocked and insulted for no reason, and those like me who actually like some films/TV shows that are mostly hated by critics get mocked for having bad taste in films(same with low-rated games as well.

Thankfully those Youtube comments seem to be less frequent now with the new system for posting comments.

Whats the point of video game fanboyisms?

Posted: November 17th, 2013, 1:37 am
by Weekend_Warrior1
What about sports fans - are they any different? Do fans who trash talk another player or team bother you?? 
Or how about music elitists? Movie buffs? And so on and so on..
I think what you're complaining about is a bigger problem that goes beyond just gaming.  

Whats the point of video game fanboyisms?

Posted: November 17th, 2013, 7:58 am
by Segatarious1
It is especially bad in gaming, but Weekend Warrior is right. It all stems from the game media, and whoever pays them the most money for adds and 'etc' - that shapes their editorial.

And so you read, for about 3 years, how the casual gamer is ruining the industry, degrading Nintendo (they no longer CARE for US!!!), and motion control is terrible, despite Nintendo making great games for it.

Then Kinect launched, along with 1/2 billion in game advertising.

Suddenly, motion is awesome, Kinect (with Wii clones of every description, and of worse quality) is SO EXCITING, and the casuals that flocked to 360 in the 2nd half of its life are full fledged game citizens.

Each of us is weak and stupid in our own ways, but the media, of all types, preys on the weakest and the stupidest, and they become parrots, and are degraded to the point that those comments and attacks are the best they can put forth out into the internet. So that is the point of fanboyism - irrational brand loyalty, keeping a customer to pay no matter what the product or what the quality of said product.

Whats the point of video game fanboyisms?

Posted: November 17th, 2013, 3:02 pm
by Edward1
Weekend Warrior,

This seems to be mainly video game related.  I've never seen this level of nonsense for music or movies. Maybe I'm not looking in the right spots.  I do think there is definitely fanboyism for sports, however, I never see the level of meanness I see for video games.  You might hear some one tell a joke related to sports "This is my friend Jake. He's a Yankee's fan.  I don't think you should trust him."  Mainly joking stuff like that in good fun.  However, all video game stuff, at least online, seems to be very hate filled terrible insults, simply because they like a different game. Like if I make a post at some other game forums talking about how I like Gears of War I might get a comment like this... 

"Gears of War?  Ha! More like Gears of Bore. Typical XBox fanboy playing generic grey bald space marine shooter. Only dumba** dudebros play stupid crap like this. You must suck. Leave gaming to the real gamers who play awesome games on the PS3 like Demon Souls and Little Big Planet with actual gameplay!"

I have actually gotten replies, like the one above,  on forums being accused of being a fanboy for basically anything, just because I mention I like something. It doesn't matter what I say I'm playing, there will be someone from some "fanboy camp" to give a stupid reply like the one above above.  In that example, just because I like Gears of War, doesn't mean I don't think Little big Planet and Demon Souls aren't good games as well.  Its like the fanboys want to drag you into their stupid pointless battles.  I don't know how many of you saw last week's southpark, but I though it was a dead on portrayal of the stupidity of extreme fanboys.

josh may be right about it being anonymous. I really hope it is all kids just being stupid. However, I do fear it could be some adults as well. They must be terrible people in real life. Its a shame because this kind of crap gives video gamers a bad name.  Non-gamers may see it and assume this just how gamers are and develop a negative opinion.  Outside of this fanboy nonsense, there is also the problem of online gamers being sexist to female gamers. Its pretty the same kind of aggressive insulting behavior. Its all terrible, and I wish it would stop.

Whats the point of video game fanboyisms?

Posted: November 17th, 2013, 5:26 pm
by darkrage61
Sexism is definitely a problem, I remember when all those misogynist jerks started hurling insults at Anita Sarkeesian because she dared to question how some games treat women, I don't agree with everything she says, but that does not mean that she deserved so many hate-filled and sexist responses.  I was disturbed by the level of hatred, it's people like them that make me ashamed to be male.

Whats the point of video game fanboyisms?

Posted: November 17th, 2013, 5:57 pm
by Segatarious1
Never be ashamed to be a male.

Just be a man - why would you ever be ashamed then?