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Best Download-Only Games

Postby velcrozombie1 » January 25th, 2015, 9:39 am

A few more:

Bloodrayne: Betrayal (PS3 & XBox 360) - I surprised that no one ever brings this game up. 2d beat-em-up/platformer with hand-drawn animation that plays like a combination of Devil May Cry and Castlevania.

Mark of the Ninja (XBox 360) - 2d stealth game with beautiful animation and a lot of variety and choice in how you get through each level and take out your enemies (or avoid them altogether).

Skullgirls: Encore (PS3 & XBox360, with PS4 & Vita coming soon) - Awesome 2d fighting game that plays like a cross between Marvel Vs Capcom 2 and Guilty Gear, featuring hand-drawn art that sits stylistically halfway between American and Japanese animation. Avoid the XBox360 version, as it is always the last to be updated. The PS4 version is coming soon and it will have all the DLC content included for free, so I'd wait for that one.

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Best Download-Only Games

Postby PinMike86661 » January 26th, 2015, 2:57 pm

I feel there are many great download-only games, whether it be on Ouya, PC, and the major home consoles.

Here are my recommendations:

Locomalito — Locomalito is an Spanish indie game developer who specializes in retro-themed games inspired by popular arcade titles; the developer's best known games are Maldita Castila (Ghouls N Ghosts clone) and Gaurodan (a mix of Sky Kid and Rampage). The developer's games can be had on Ouya and PC for free.

Wide Pixel Games — Another indie developer who specializes in retro-themed games; the developer's best-known game is Twin Tiger Shark (Toaplan-inspired shooter) and like Locomalito, the software is free on Ouya and PC. Also, their games can are $1 on XBLIG (the indie section of Xbox 360's Live Arcade).

Rokko-Chan — Very cool Mega Man-inspired flash game can be found at this link:

Little Wing Pinball — Veteran Japanese video pinball developer that has very nicely created designs; the company originally developed their games only on older Mac computers, but have since been creating Windows versions of their tables (with the exception of Tristan, their first design). A bit on the pricey side, but they do offer minute-long demos of their designs.

Oniken — Ninja Gaiden-inspired action platformer developed by Brazilian developer JoyMasher. The game has the look, fun-factor, and challenge of a true NES classic; JoyMasher is working on another NES-themed game called Odallus (inspired by Castlevania). Only on PC via Desura and Steam.

Mega Man 9 & 10 — Awesome sequels for the classic franchise developed by Mega Man Zero developers, Inti Creates. Originally with WiiWare in mind, these games can also be had on PS3 and Xbox 360.

Mega Man Unlimited — Fan-created Mega Man sequel that was originally named Mega Man 10 (prior to the official Mega Man 10) that is every bit as solid as the Inti Creates games. Only on PC. Besides this game there are many solid Mega Man fan creations such as Mega Man Revolution, Mega Man Legends 3: The Prolouge, Rockman 7 Famicom, and Rockman 8 Famicom (all PC only).

Cho-Ren-Sha X68000 — Originally as a homebrew shooting game for the Sharp X68000 (semi-popular Japanese computer), this awesome game can be had as a Windows-only download.

Touhou series — Long-lasting Japanese indie shooting game series developed by ZUN originally developed for the NEC PC-98 (another Japanese computer), but has since created Windows software.

Konami ReBirth series — Konami hired talented emulation developer M2 to make WiiWare games for a couple of their classic franchises; the games are Gradius ReBirth, Contra ReBirth, and Castlevania: The Adventure Rebirth (based on the first Game Boy Castlevania game).

Volgarr the Viking — Awesome Rastan-inspired game with a slight mix of Ghouls N Ghosts developed by former Griptonite Software employees to form a new company called Crazy Viking Studios. Very challenging game that matches their inspiration, but you do get unlimited lives. Only on PC via GOG and Steam.

Freedom Planet — Originally created as a Sonic the Hedgehog fan-game, changes were made to make the game into something a lot more. Unlike most games on this list, this is not done with an 8-bit graphical style, but rather a 32-bit style that would fit right at home on the Sega Saturn. Many elements are inspired by Sonic, as well as Gunstar Heroes. Only on PC via GOG and Steam.

Crimson Clover: World Ignition — Awesome shooting game that combines Cave-style bullet-hell action with Rayforce's lock-on mechanic. Only on PC via GOG and Steam.

The Pinball Arcade — Although this game was released on the PS4 in disk-form, the other Seasons of this awesome game have worthwhile tables such as Terminator 2, Fish Tales, Bram Stoker's Dracula, and next month will be The Addams Family (the highest selling table of all-time). This is availble on mobile devices, and consoles (with the exception of Nintendo's), but I prefer buying it on PC via since the service allows quick patching.

Pinball FX 2 — Awesome pinball series that has unique original table designs and awesome use of various licenses. Unlike The Pinball Arcade, the tables also have video game-like special effects and elements that aren't possible on real designs. This game is availble on every gaming platform.

I'm only just scratching the surface, but I picked some games that aren't as well known, but are just as strong in quality.

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