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Re: MAGFest - Arcade Fun

Postby scotland » January 4th, 2018, 4:05 pm

For those of you in the Mid Atlantic of the US, this year's MAGFest is again at the National Harbor in DC, from January 4th to 7th.

This year they have a museum. Last year it had the SNES CD prototype on display, so it may be back again. There is also a Panasonic FZ-35s kiosk where you can play unreleased M2 games (whatever they are). Mostly I go for the arcade machine, as I don't have much appreciation for the music part of 'magfest'. They also have several 'bridge' simulators. I've never done one, but it seems to be the ultimate in couch co-op (but it looks like you need to have signed up in advance for them)

Its a snowy time where I live, so I may not make it this year (and its very early in the year too). If anyone goes, let me know.

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