the Wii U is also the only new console with a video game worth playing.

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the Wii U is also the only new console with a video game worth playing.

Postby Astrosmasher1 » December 10th, 2013, 4:21 am

Hands down my Xbox beats the Wii U.  More games.  Cheaper and better graphics.  Why would anyone buy one. 

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the Wii U is also the only new console with a video game worth playing.

Postby Segatarious1 » December 10th, 2013, 6:50 am

[QUOTE=gleebergloben][QUOTE=Segatarious][QUOTE=m0zart][QUOTE=Segatarious]Obviously this is an opinion piece. What is your point?[/QUOTE]

That you present all of your opinions as facts, maybe?

[QUOTE=Segatarious]My point in posting this was this ---> it was refreshing to see ONE WRITER in a mainstream media organization take a fair and balanced look at all of the consoles, instead of just hyping the 'big boys' simply because the writers and sites they represent are beholden to advertising money.

It was nice to have an unbiased opinion, rather than a token/apologist opinion.[/QUOTE]

It would be nice to get an unbiased opinion from you for a change.  That however will NEVER happen because you are a token apologist for Nintendo.  You don't own the consoles you are criticizing.  You don't play their games.  You read a few online statements and then go on some kind of evangelical crusade.  You rail on their games that you've, again, never played.  You're entitled to your opinion, but you are all about spinning your opinions as facts.

I don't think anything the alt. critic said here is all that baffling.  If you didn't present everything you said and did as an apologist statement for Nintendo, or as a fact that cannot be refuted when you JUST admitted it's all opinion, nobody here would have a problem with you.[/QUOTE]

First of all, I did not present my opinions or this writers opinions as fact. I simply posted a link to an interesting video game  article from a major new source, sourced it, encouraged people to read the entire article before posting, and added my own thoughts and commentary.

NONE of that can be construed as 'posting my opinions as fact'

Then, in the discussion that followed, I respeonded to people who challenged my opinion, or asked me to explain it further. Standard forum discussion. I have never 'apologized' for anything Nintendo has done. how can I? I am not Nintendo. I have not 'wronged' you. If you want an apology from Nintendo, write them a letter for your grievance. It has nothing to do with me.

Please send me this list of games I have 'never played' All assumptions on your part - totally. You have no idea what I do and do not have access to. And if I am critiquing video game story,as I sometimes do - watching Youtube is obviously enough for that, isn't it?

The irony here is that you want everyone on the forum to play by 'your rules' (read, YOUR opinions) and if they do not, you attack them. I do not have that problem.[/QUOTE]

Sigh. Steer, m0zart is right. You just beat the same drum over and over and over and over again. A few years ago, it was making post after post after post about sales numbers of the Wii, and how awesome and great the Wii is, and how everyone is against the Wii. The ironic thing is most people here at this site liked the Wii, but you would state repeatedly how everyone hated the Wii and Nintendo, then go on with the sales numbers. It's like you were trying to pick a Nintendo fight here with people who liked the Wii.

Now the Wii U is not performing as well as the Wii, now it's thread after thread after thread after thread of how the gaming industry is going down the tubes and only Nintendo can save it. It's the same thing all over again. I don't really know what you want us to say, other than "Yes Steer, you are right. Nintendo is our savior".

I've stated before that I was glad that you were back from your ban. I admire your passion of video games, and that you don't really attack anyone personally. But it's just the same diatribe now of anything and anyone who is not Nintendo, and it's becoming pretty tiresome. I just wish you'd change your tune every once in a while.


The thing is, you are not stating my tune. I am not saying Nintendo is the 'savior' of anything! I just said they make the best games, and currently present the best value, on game consoles. Why is that such a big deal to so many here? And the sales are terrible! I do not think consoles will be saved at this point.

Why was I attacked on the board for making positive sales topics on Wii, as you mention? Because of group think - it did not fit the narrative of the game media, to thing, to be HAPPY that Wii was a success. I should have been BUTT HURT, because Nintendo ABANDONED me!

That was the pathetic narrative, and yes, it was even repeated here. And apparently the narrative worked, hurrah for indoctrinated gamers!

So do not blame me for being an independent thinker. Instead of saying 'yes you are right' to me, why not just accept that I have different opinions, that I back up and defend, and can source? The thing is you guys (and yes I generalize) will never admit to anything that does not fit the game media narrative. In the face of all evidence, you deny the negatives MS has imposed on gaming with Xbox Live. Becuasr you cannot read about that on IGN or Gamepsot, so it must not be true.

It is not my fault many on this board, including about half of the moderators, cannot handle open discussion.

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the Wii U is also the only new console with a video game worth playing.

Postby Steve1 » December 10th, 2013, 7:22 pm

[QUOTE].....I have different opinions, that I back up and defend, and can source[/QUOTE]

Personally, I think this sentence excerpt summarizes the issues in these posts. I like reading the opinions (even though mine are different) but how, or more importantly why, does one 'back up, defend and source' an opinion? That's the part that sets some people off.

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the Wii U is also the only new console with a video game worth playing.

Postby VideoGameCritic » December 10th, 2013, 10:22 pm

I'm tired of seeing these arguments.  I can't even read this thread.  Locking. 

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