My apologies, Dave.

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Paul Campbell

My apologies, Dave.

Postby Paul Campbell » February 19th, 2005, 9:33 am

If I had known that you hadn't yet experienced Super Metroid, I would have done you the favor of slapping you in the face and telling you to get with the program, but alas I completely assumed that you already had it on your list of best all-around games.

I'll do better next time.

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My apologies, Dave.

Postby VideoGameCritic » February 19th, 2005, 11:11 am

I think the old adage applies:
"Friends, don't let friends, not play Super Metroid for ten years because of their short-ass attention spans turned them off to it in the first place although the game really rocks."


My apologies, Dave.

Postby Klonoa » February 19th, 2005, 9:37 pm

Critic,what do you think of RE4? I think it's amazing.


My apologies, Dave.

Postby RememberShaqFu? » February 20th, 2005, 1:25 am

Klonoa, I have just finished beating RE4 for the second time and yes, it IS amazing!!! I would go so far as to say that it could be the most polished console game I've played this entire generation! I've been thinking about this, though. All one has to do is take one look at RE4 and wonder why Ubi Soft can't do a competent version of Splinter Cell for GC? I mean, the graphics in RE4, in my opinion, are up to par with anything I've played on any of the three consoles(well, except maybe slight clipping problems but taken into account how much was crammed into this game, it's cool). One thing that's been bugging me is the idea of exclusives. Once upon a time, each system seemed to have a barrage of exclusive titles but now, outside of first and second party titles, it's very uncommon to find exclusive titles. GTA is a good example; once a ps2 exclusive but moved onto the pc and then xbox. Now you have RE4 which has recently been announced for the PS2, before the GC version even launched!! I'm sorry, I'm not going to start one of those retarded "but RE4 was supposed to be a GC exclusive(*best baby face)." It's not even that that bothers me; what DOES bother me is Capcom themselves. I know that they have to look out for the bottom line, but you don't insist in countless interviews that it's an exclusive and then retract that statement weeks before the game can even make a splash! Personally, I'm just glad that I'm one of the lucky ones to have first dibs on this AMAZING game, but these third party companies are part of what makes owning one platform or another unique and if they keep multi-platforming their "important" games, they're running out of ways to convince people of a console's uniqueness. Somebody made the comment that the xbox is soulless and I completely agree. However, each system has some sort of flaw, not just the xbox. GC suffers from either A). a lack of identity or B). lack of compelling software(three to four great games is enough to tide me over but not enough to tide over gamers who recall the ps1 and the constant flood of games that came out for that system). Personally, their lack of games doesn't bother me because, quite frankly, I've found more than enough to justify my purchase at launch. Nintendo just needs to realize that their "quality over quantity" philosophy has zero merit in this day and age; Sony has pretty much proven that you can have both(though I'm not a huge fan of the ps2, nobody can deny that it is pretty much the system with a game or two for anybody). The ps2, to me, is part of the reason why I'm excited/frightened over the idea of the ds and Revolution. I agree, to an extent, with what Nintendo says about the industry pretty much staying at a stand-still; but back in the 80's, the d-pad, a-b button setup made perfect sense for everybody who saw it, and it wouldn't have been too difficult to see that it would become an industry standard for years to come. I just can't see the idea of a touch screen becoming an industry standard that will thrive and inspire future consoles(outside of Nintendo's realm); with the now-standard dpad/a-b controller, an entire generation of gaming was born and countless possibilities popped up. Nintendo were the leaders then because they had a great idea; it was merely a simple idea but they had great games to project those great ideas! I don't know what happened, but somewhere down the line they decided that their fans are idiots and don't know what they really want. They have ignored the cries and demands of pretty much their entire fanbase and it boggles my mind that, even with their supposedly-massive R & D group, they haven't caught wind of the fact that their fanbase is dwindling.  Once upon a time, they had zero problem with competing directly! I mean, wasn't the snes pretty much an answer to the sega genesis? It did pretty much everything the SG did but only better, brighter, more audible, etc. The only thing that the snes suffered from was it's processor speed(big deal!). However, I've never met anybody who was disappointed with the snes, even those who never owned one and there was a reason for all of this: Nintendo, as a company, was in tune to what people actually wanted! One final thing before I end yet another long post: Enough with the friggin' delays!! I know that Nintendo are perfectionists, but this is ridiculous! I dare anybody to play Star Fox: Assault and give me two reasons(that's all, two!) as to why the game got delayed as it is not a very good game at all! It seems to me that they just delay games to build anticipation which falls in stark contrast to their reluctance to ADVERTISE their games! Anyway, sorry for yet another long post. Lata!

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